Andrea Gylfadóttir - Andrea Gylfadóttir

Andrea Gylfadóttir , also Andrea Gylfa , is an Icelandic singer , songwriter and actress .

Andrea graduated from the singing school of Reykjavík in 1987. [1] She received it the highest score ever awarded there. [2]

The Icelandic public had already noticed her in 1986 when she was hired as lead singer for the album Leyndarmál by the pop band Grafík in place of the well-known singer Helgi Björnsson . [2]

Since 1988 Andrea has been the lead singer of Todmobile , a pop / rock band. Other bands with whom she has performed are Vinir Dóra , Blúsmenn Andreu , Borgardætur and various jazz orchestras. She has been involved in numerous music albums in different genres. In 1997 she appeared in the role of Evita in the musical of the same name in the Icelandic Opera . In 2010 she was the musical director of the musical The Rocky Horror Show at the Akureyri Theater ( Leikfélag Akureyrar ) and played the role of Columbia in it . [1] Sie ist in den Kinofilmen Ahead of Time von Ágúst Gudmundsson und Stella supply hope Guðný Halldórsdóttir aufgetreten.

Individual evidence

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