Andrea Röpke - Andrea Röpke

Andrea Röpke (* 1965 ) is a German diploma - political scientist and award-winning free journalist with the main focus on right-wing extremism .


Andrea Röpke has been publishing on neo-Nazism since the early 1990s and is best known for her insider reports. Her work, for example through free fellowships or Heimattreue German youth , have been, for example, in the TV magazines Panorama , fact or mirror TV and in national newspapers and magazines such as the mirror [1] , the Sueddeutsche Zeitung , the Focus or the Star published . Your reports are part of the offer of the Federal Agency for Civic Education. She also writes for the magazine Der Rechts Rand . Röpke is a member of the Association of Those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime - Association of Antifascists . [2]

On the occasion of a presentation of her documentary film Holidays in the Führerbunker , she presented studies on the upbringing of children by politically right-wing extremist parents. [3] After the Federal Minister of the Interior, Wolfgang Schäuble , disbanded the home-loyal German youth , Röpke warned against overestimating the effectiveness of the ban. [4]

As part of its research into the right scene Andrea Röpke was repeatedly assaulted, [5] so at a meeting of the home faithful German Youth in November 2006 in a supermarket of its chairman Sebastian Räbiger , who was sentenced for grievous bodily harm. [6] A profile was also published on right-wing extremist Internet portals. [7]

Röpke was invited as an expert in various parliamentary committees of inquiry into the right-wing extremist terrorist group National Socialist Underground . [8th]

Affair about surveillance by the Lower Saxony constitution protection

On March 9, 2005, Röpke appeared at an event organized by Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen Bremen , where the film Neo-Nazi activities was shown in Bremen . A citizen filed a complaint against the journalist because she is said to have declared that she would "fight against fascism in all forms". The public prosecutor's office in Bremen then initiated proceedings on suspicion of “incitement to criminal acts”, which were discontinued a short time later. Since Röpke is domiciled in Lower Saxony, the Bremen State Office for the Protection of the Constitution forwarded a formal police report to the Lower Saxony Office for the Protection of the Constitution. The Lower Saxony constitution protection department then created a file on them. Lower Saxony's Interior Minister Boris Pistoriusspoke of unlawful surveillance. [9] [10] At the request of Röpke, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution announced in 2012 that no data were stored about Röpke. In fact, the entries were deleted after the request. Röpke filed a criminal complaint on suspicion of the suppression of documents. [11] In 2014 she filed a lawsuit against the Lower Saxony constitutional protection agency at the Stade Administrative Court in order to force access to all of her files. [12]

Exclusion from reporting on the AfD state party conference

At the state party conference of the AfD Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in February 2016, a party member requested the exclusion of Röpke and decided with a large majority. She was then banned from reporting on the gathering. Journalists' associations criticized the exclusion as an attack on the freedom of the press. [13] [14]


Online publications of the Federal Agency for Civic Education


In 2005 she and René Schulthoff received the journalist award of the German National Committee for the Protection of Monuments for their buten-un- inside report “Memorial sites against their will” about the main camp near Sandbostel .

For 2006 she was named "Reporter of the Year" by Medium Magazin .

In 2007, together with Anton Maegerle and Thomas Kuban, she was awarded the Lighthouse Prize for “special journalistic achievements” sponsored by Netzwerk Recherche . [15]

In October 2008 she received the Otto Brenner Prize in the Newcomer / Media Project category for her research on right-wing extremism . Your work, according to the jury's verdict, is "practiced protection of the constitution - journalistic emergency aid for democracy and fundamental rights".

On April 25, 2009, she received the “The Intrepid Word” award from the Federation of Luther Cities . [16] Also in 2009, Andrea Röpke received the Alternative Media Prize [17] and on March 11, 2009, as one of the finals of the Europe region, the International Women of Courage Award from the US State Department . [18]

In 2012 she was named Journalist of the Year 2011 in the specialist category Politics by the industry magazine Medium Magazin . In the laudation it says: Your tenacity and the courage to take personal risks for your research are a role model for all colleagues. [19]

The Central Council of Jews in Germany awarded her the Paul Spiegel Prize for civil courage in 2015 , [20] in the same year she also received the Alfred Müller Felsenburg Prize for upright literature . [21]


Individual evidence

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