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Andrea Wildner (* 1953 [1] in Graz ) is an Austrian [2] actress .


Wildner was born as Andrea-Maria Wildner . From 1971 to 1973 she trained as an actor at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz . [3]

She had her first engagement as a beginner in the 1973/74 season at the Westphalian State Theater in Castrop-Rauxel . [3] From 1974 to 1983 she was a permanent member of the ensemble at the Munich Residenztheater . [3] In the 1975/76 season she was a guest at the Schauspielhaus Zürich as Anni in Schnitzler's play Anatol ; Michael Kehlmann directed this production .

Wildner played a wide range of roles on stage; it was often used in plays with a southern German , Upper Bavarian or Austrian ambience and dialect.

Her roles at the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel included: Anni in Anatol (premiere: February 1975, with Peter Weck as partner), Marie in Liliom (premiere: December 1975; with Hans Brenner as partner), Hyacinthe in Die Spaß des Scapin von Molière (Premiere: June 1976), Peppi in Lumpazivagabundus (Premiere: November 1976), Nettel Flocke in Tabula rasa by Carl Sternheim (Premiere: June 1977), Rosie in the musical Sweet Charity (Premiere: July 1977), Christine in Liebelei (Premiere : February 1978; withFritz Strassner , Jacques Breuer ), the youth in Der Bauer als Millionär (premiere: October 1978), the title role in Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy by Witold Gombrowicz (premiere: May 1980; director: Ingmar Bergman ), Klärchen in Egmont (premiere: October 1980; with Robert Atzorn ), Constanze Mozart in Amadeus (German premiere, March 1981), Salome Pockerl in Der Talisman (premiere: May 1981), The sweet girl in Schnitzler's Reigen (premiere: January 1982) and Agathe in Der Schwierige ( Premiere: March 1982). [4]

Wildner has been working as a freelance actress since 1983. In 1987 she made her first guest appearance at the Munich Volkstheater ; she played Elisabeth in Ödön von Horváth's play Faith Love Hope . In February 1988 she took part in a Brecht matinee at the Theater rechts der Isar with songs and poems for Bertolt Brecht's 90th birthday . [5] In 1988 she appeared at the Weilheimer Theatersommer as Molly in Frank Wedekind's play The Marquis of Keith . In 1989 she played Eve in Der zerbrochne Krug at the Weilheimer Theatersommer . Directed in each case Rudolf Noelte. In 1991 Wildner returned to the Munich Residenztheater as a guest; she took over the chambermaid Rosa in the farce, The Prodigal . In 1999 she appeared again at the Munich Volkstheater, as Nanni in The Bartered Grandfather (director: Franz Xaver Kroetz ). In 2001 she played the role of Ms. Prantl in Faith, Love and Hope in a production by Wolfgang Maria Bauer at the Munich Volkstheater . In 2005 she appeared at the Volksschauspiele Tirol in Telfs . There she played Emma Lemon, the female head of a fishing family, in the comedy The Mackerel by Israel Horovitz ; Directed by Ruth Drexel .

Wildner occasionally worked for the theater as a director . In 1994 she directed Kleist's tragic comedy Amphitryon at the Zinner Studio in Munich . [6] In 1997 she directed a free theater production of Shakespeare's Heinrich IV in Munich . [7]

In addition to her stage work, Wildner also works for film and television . The main focus of their work were television series . As Wildner's first film appearance, the IMDb film database is running an episode from the crime series Der Kommissar . Since 1982 Wildner has taken on numerous television roles on a regular basis. In 1983 she played the title role of the television film Magdalena , a television adaptation of the popular play of the same name Magdalena by Ludwig Thoma . [8] In the television game Brautbrief , a production by Bayerischer Rundfunk , she embodied, at the side ofChristian Wolff , the young Martha Bernays , the fiancée and later wife of Sigmund Freud ; Together with Wolff, Wildner read from Freud and Bernays' letters to the bride. [9]

In 1994/1995 she had a continuous serial role as teacher Ines Rohrdorfer in the RTL television series Our School is the Best . [10] Wildner became known from 1994 through her continuous serial role as secretary "Zwieberl" in the television series Peter and Paul , at the side of Hans Clarin and Helmut Fischer . [8th]

On television she achieved further notoriety through the ARD television series Um Himmels Willen . Since 2002 she has consistently embodied the role of Marianne Laban, the secretary of Mayor Wöller, played by Fritz Wepper , [11] who established herself as a councilor for the opposition in the course of the series . [11] [12]

In 2007 she played, alongside Miroslav Nemec , the elegant Frau von Helmstedt in the Munich crime scene: Der Traum von der Au . In 2010 she had a guest role in the ZDF crime series Die Rosenheim-Cops ; she played Angela Haubach, the wife of an investor for the construction of a golf hotel. [14] In the Austrian television series A couch all had Wildner 2010 a continuous series role; she played Jacqueline Leidowitz, the ex-wife of a quirky psychiatrist. [15] In December 2010 Wildner was in an episode of ZDF series White Blue Storiesto see; she played Eva Siegl, the mayor's wife, who wants to catch her husband on an affair. [16]

In 1986 Wildner took on the role of Erna Wahl in a radio play version of Schnitzler's play Das weite Land , a co-production of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation , the West German Broadcasting Corporation and the SFB . In 1989 she took over the role of Polly in a radio play version of the crime play Marrying is Always a Risk by Saul O'Hara at Bayerischer Rundfunk . In 1993 she was in the radio play series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones in the episode On His Majesty's Order (episode 08) in the role of Empress Zita; the recording was on the labelCarousel released as a radio play cassette . [19] [20]

In addition to her work as an actress, Wildner is also active as an artist and painter . [21] She took drawing lessons and studied privately with various art professors. She was one of Markus Lüpertz's students for two years . [21] Wildner used various painting techniques such as acrylic , charcoal , pastel painting , oil painting and paper drawings . She has her own studio in Ainmillerstraße in Munich-Schwabing . [21]

Wildner lives in Munich . [2]

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