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Andreas Andresen

Andreas Andresen (born November 14, 1828 [1] in Loit ; † May 1, 1871 in Leipzig ) was a German art historian and art dealer specializing in engraving .


Andresen was born in Loit, Schleswig-Holstein, in the fishing region and studied in Kiel , Berlin , Bonn and Munich . He volunteered in 1848 to take part in the Schleswig-Holstein uprising against Denmark . In 1857 he was appointed to the Germanic Museum in Nuremberg by Hans von und zu Aufseß , where he worked until 1862. Then he went to Leipzig to " Rudolph Weigel art and bookstore", where he was in charge ofNaumann's archive for the drawing arts [2] and the processing of Weigel's auction catalogs took over. After Weigel's death, he took over in October 1867, initially in charge of art and bookstore [3] and was on January 1, 1870 the owners. However, he died surprisingly of smallpox in 1871. He was married and had two children. [5] [6] His collection of copper engravings was auctioned in December 1873 by the "Art Dealer CG Börner ". The “Rud. Weigel Kunsthandlung “was not continued.


As an author
  • Nicolaus Poussin. List of the copper engravings made at the same time and later based on his paintings etc. Verlag von Rudolph Weigel, Leipzig 1863.
  • The German peintre engraver or the painter as copperplate engraver from the last third of the 16th century to the end of the 18th century; following Bartsch’s Peintre-Graveur, [7] to Robert-Dumesnil’s [8] and Prosper de Baudicour's French Peintre-Engrave [9] . 3 volumes, published by Rudolph Weigel, Leipzig 1864–1866, 5 volumes, Alexander Danz, Leipzig 1872–1878
  • The German painter's erasers of the 19th century. According to their lives and works. 4 volumes, Rudolph Weigel, Leipzig 1866–70; Volume 5 continued by Joseph Eduard Wessely .
as an editor
  • Joseph Heller : Handbook for copper engravers or lexicon of engravers, painter-etchers and form-cutters of all countries and schools according to their most valued works. (Third edition), TO Weigel, Leipzig 1870 ( digitized version ).


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