Andreas Biederbick - Andreas Biederbick

Andreas Biederbick (born March 12, 1909 in Neuss ; † October 14, 1990 in Heinsberg [1] ) was a German police officer and SS leader.


After attending school, Biederbick studied history . 1937 doctorate he at Max Braubach to Dr. phil. In the 1930s he joined the Schutzstaffel (SS) and the Security Service (SD) of the SS.

In 1936 Biederbick joined the SD main office . Soon afterwards he became a consultant for French issues in the Secret State Police Office . After the establishment of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA), he took over the analogous Section II D 4 in Department II D (“Foreign Problems”) of Office Group II (SD) as Sturmbannführer . After the German military victory over France in the summer of 1940, Biederbick was posted to France from June 1940 to 1942 as the leader of an SS special command.

From December 1943 to September 1944, Biederbick belonged to the SD department at BdS Brussels . Then he came back to the RSHA for a short time. He was later assigned to the SD section in Salzburg , where he was arrested by the US Army on May 3, 1945 .

Biederbick later worked for Leske-Verlag and from 1962 at the Hamburg headquarters for surveys .


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Individual evidence

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