Andreas Darsow - Andreas Darsow

Andreas Darsow (born September 8, 1969 ) was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder by the Darmstadt Regional Court on July 19, 2011 in the double murder of Babenhausen . The judgment became final . Darsow continues to deny the act. Efforts to retrial have so far been unsuccessful. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] To this end, a citizens' initiative called "Monte Christo" was founded in 2011 . [9] [10]

Sequence of events

On April 17, 2009 the couple Klaus and Petra T. were shot in their apartment in Babenhausen (Hesse) . The perpetrator also fired twice at the mentally disabled daughter Astrid T. (37), but she survived seriously injured. About a year later, the neighbor, Andreas Darsow, was arrested. The Darsow family and the victims of the crime lived in row houses directly next to each other .

What was important for the investigators were the bits of construction foam they found at the crime scene and on the corpses. From this they deduced that the perpetrator used a self-made silencer , namely a plastic bottle filled with construction foam . At that time there were instructions on a Swiss websiteavailable for building such a damper. A few weeks before the crime, Andreas Darsow is said to have called it up from a computer at his workplace and printed it out; some time after that, a colleague observed Darsow doing assembly work on this company computer. This seemed strange to the colleague, as Andreas Darsow had always emphasized that he had no manual skills. A short time later, Andreas Darsow's computer had a defect and was then disposed of, which is why it could no longer be forensically examined. In addition, the investigators discovered at a house search at an old army -Hose Darsows Schmauchpartikelwhose uncommon combination of elements, according to the judgment, corresponds to the traces at the crime scene. Some particles were also found on a heart rate monitor and a gardening glove.

According to the verdict, the victims lived very withdrawn. Mother Petra T. hardly left the house in the years before her death and is said to have suffered from depression . Her husband Klaus T. (62) is described in the judgment of the Darmstadt Regional Court as odd and solitary. He ran a real estate agency in the basement of his terraced house, and its business was apparently bad. In addition, Klaus T. is said to have drunk a lot of alcohol . The daughter Astrid worked in a workshop for the disabled. She was the only one of the three people on the street had occasionally exchanged friendly words with. [3]

Because of financial and personal problems, according to the court, there were more and more screams, slamming doors and rumbling, even at night. In addition, according to the court, mother and daughter made "indefinable, almost animal sounds". The judges said the quality of life of the Darsows, who lived wall to wall, was impaired as a result. Andreas Darsow killed those who caused the noise when his wife and the children were visiting relatives for several days. He is said to have "wiped out" the family because of ongoing noise pollution. [3]

In its judgment, the regional court determined the particular gravity of the guilt . The appeal to the Federal Court of Justice as well as a petition to the Hessian state parliament failed. [6]

The following facts were also assessed as weighty incriminating evidence by the court: The Darsow's cellar and garage were examined for traces of construction foam, among other things, and it turned out that both rooms had been cleaned meticulously down to the last detail, which the Darsow couple also admitted. Before the crime, the couple had repeatedly looked at other houses and noted several times that they wanted to move because of the noise from the neighbors; This was denied by both of them during the trial and it was claimed that the couple wanted to look at floor plans to collect inspiration for a home - although the Darsows' financial situation had never allowed this. In addition, several neighbors upheld the Darsow's complaints about neighbor noise; this, too, was denied by the Darsow couple, although both had repeatedly mentioned the need for earplugs to sleep for Andreas Darsow to others. In the process, Darsow stated that he needed the earplugs because of his time in the armed forces, when he had to sleep near a generator as a radio officer.

Criticism of the judgment and doubts about guilt

The citizens' initiative "Monte Christo" accuses the police special commission of unilateral investigations. [5] No traces of Darsow's DNA were found at the crime scene , there are no eyewitnesses to the crime and the murder weapon was never found. Darsow was convicted in a circumstantial trial. According to other neighbors, the ongoing neighborhood dispute on which the court based its judgment did not even take place. [7] In addition, a police dog did not react to smell samples from Andreas Darsow. The surviving daughter Astrid T. spoke in the hospital not of a perpetrator, but of "the perpetrators" and did not react to the photo of Andreas Darsow. [10]

The computer administrator of the company where Darsow worked has a private interest in weapons technology. He confirmed in court that it was quite possible that it was he who had visited the relevant silencer site on the Internet. According to judges, it has not been established that a silencer made from a plastic bottle was used in the act. It could well have been another damper filled with construction foam, so that the building instructions in question had no relation to the act. The traces of smoke found were also so tiny that they could not be relevant, especially since they were not related to the crime and could have been attached to the trousers from the army for years. In addition, police officers who had previously carried out shot tests been in the Darsow's apartment and could have dragged Schmauch into the apartment. Otherwise there is no evidence of the guilt of the convict. In addition, several witnesses testified that the later victim Klaus T. felt seriously threatened by someone. The witnesses could not say who that stranger was. Months before the murder case, Klaus T. had offered a witness 10,000 euros to offer protection to the later victim. Klaus T. also wanted to buy a weapon from another witness because he felt threatened. the witnesses could not report. Months before the murder case, Klaus T. had offered a witness 10,000 euros to offer protection to the later victim. Klaus T. also wanted to buy a weapon from another witness because he felt threatened. the witnesses could not report. Months before the murder case, Klaus T. had offered a witness 10,000 euros to offer protection to the later victim. Klaus T. also wanted to buy a weapon from another witness because he felt threatened.[11]

The publisher of the magazine Tatzeit (ChessMo GmbH, Seevetal ) has advertised a reward of 10,000 euros for the first hint that leads to the release of Andreas Darsow or "leads to the real perpetrator (s)". [12]


The Hamburg criminal defense attorney Gerhard Strate took over the legal representation for a retrial . [12] [13] He is not convinced of Andreas Darsow's innocence, but considers the circumstances of the conviction to be inadmissible. [14] In May 2018, he submitted an application for a retrial at the Kassel Regional Court. New private reports would prove that no silencer built from a PET bottle could have been used at the crime scene and that such a silencer would have been completely unsuitable. [15] By order of August 19, 2019, the Kassel Regional Court rejected the request for reopening. [16] Strate appealed against immediate appeal toFrankfurt Higher Regional Court , which, however, was also rejected by the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court by decision of May 25, 2020. [17] [18]


Individual evidence

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