Andreas Hartmann (politician) - Andreas Hartmann (Politiker)

Andreas Hartmann

Andreas Hartmann (born June 8, 1956 in Basel ; resident in Zurich ) is a Swiss politician ( FDP ) and doctor. He has represented the constituency of Rorschach in the Cantonal Council of the Canton of St. Gallen since 2000 .

Life and commitment

After obtaining the Matura type B in 1975, Hartmann began studying medicine at the University of Basel and at Harvard University in Boston. In 1981 he passed the state examination and a year later wrote his dissertation on "Serum ferritin in chronic polyarthritis". He then worked as an assistant doctor in Chur, Davos, Aarau and Basel. In between, he headed a foreign assignment for the Swiss Disaster Relief Corps in North Yemen. In 1988 Hartmann became FMH specialist for general internal medicine.

Hartmann and his wife have been running an independent medical practice since 1988, which was expanded into the Rorschach Medical Center in 2011. Hartmann leads this as Chairman of the Board of Directors. [1]

Hartmann is also committed to the trade. Since 2016 he has been president of the St. Gallen trade association [2] , president of the trade compensation office St. Gallen and board member of the guarantee cooperative east-south. [3]

In addition, Hartmann has been President of the HPV Rorschach since 2013 , an institution for the disabled with a special school, workshops and dormitories for 300 people with disabilities. [4] Since 2000 he has been a member of the board of directors of Konzert und Theater St. Gallen [5] and since 2016 a board member of the home owners' association of the Canton of St. Gallen. [6]

Hartmann is married and has four grown children.


Hartmann was elected to the St. Gallen Cantonal Council in 2000 and was parliamentary group president from 2003 to 2011. Hartmann decided not to stand for re-election for the 2020 renewal elections. [7]


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