Arno Frank - Arno Frank

Arno Frank (* 1971 in Kaiserslautern ) is a German cultural journalist and publicist .


Arno Frank studied art history and philosophy and graduated from the German School of Journalism in Munich (DJS). For eleven years he worked as an editor at taz in Berlin, where he developed and headed the Society department . As a freelance culture journalist and essayist, he writes for Spiegel Online , Die Zeit , Neon , den Fluter and Dummy . He is the domestic correspondent for the taz for Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

In 2017 he published his first novel So, And Now You Come , which is based on the autobiographical experiences of his childhood and youth.

Frank has lived in Wiesbaden with his wife, a monument conservator, and their two daughters since 2011 . [1]

Book publications


So, now you come

“A thriller, a family tragedy, a sloping Bildungsroman: all of this is in this true, fictional story that Arno Frank puts in the mouth of his true, fictional self from back then so that he can tell it to us - a boy who gradually becomes clear that his father is a criminal, a con man, and that the dream world he draws his family into will inevitably explode. "

- Tobias Rüther : Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung [2]

“Similar to 'Tschick', the other great German road novel of our day, you suspect when reading that it will soon have to be made into a film. The situational humor is similar to that of Herrndorf, the fast-paced plot won't let you go anyway, you are touched and dismayed at the same time and always want to paint new passages. "

- Alex Rühle : Süddeutsche Zeitung [3]

Other critics described the novel as a gripping drama without sentimentality and praised the lapidary narrative tone and the fine ironic distance. [4]


Individual evidence

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