Atompunk - Atompunk

Atomic punk is a retro-futuristic direction of the cyberpunk genre, which has similarities to steampunk and diesel punk and often occurs in combination with a post-apocalyptic nuclear war scenario. It deals with themes from the Cold War era , primarily with nuclear weapons and nuclear energy .


In general, all works that deal with motifs from the Cold War era in an alternative timeline or with a fictional history can be referred to as atomic dunking. Such motives are, for example, the fear of enemy espionage or an atomic escalation of the situation at that time, certain architectural styles , the Chernobyl nuclear disaster , the possibility of a nuclear war or the space arms race . It is important to present the motifs as a vision of the future from the perspective of the era (“retro-futurism”). The term is made up of the word “atom”, representing radioactivity , and the appended word “ punk“, Which is attached to most cyberpunk subgenres and has long since deviated from its original meaning as 'lousy' or 'rebellious'.

Selected representatives

Most representatives of the genre deal with the consequences of a nuclear war as an escalation of the Cold War.