Atongo de Abajo - Atongo de Abajo

Atongo de Abajo
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Atongo de Abajo located in Mexico
Atongo de Abajo
Atongo de Abajo
Location of Atongo de Abajo in Mexico
Atongo de Abajo located in Nuevo León
Atongo de Abajo
Atongo de Abajo
Location of Atongo de Abajo in Nuevo León
Coordinates 25°21′29″N 99°59′13″O / 25.358055555556, -99.986944444444Coordenadas: 25°21′29″N 99°59′13″O / 25.358055555556, -99.986944444444
Entity Location
Country Mexican flag Mexico
State New Lion
Municipality Cadereyta Jimenez
• Media 364 m s. n. m.
Population (2010)
• Total 802 have. [ 1 ]
Time zone Central Time ( UTC -6 )
• in summer UTC -5
INEGI code 190090011

Atongo de Abajo is a town located between the city of Allende and Cadereyta Jiménez at kilometer 26, in the center of the state of Nuevo León , Mexico , at an altitude of 340 meters. The town has approximately 761 inhabitants (2009). The town is notable for its two squares, an even more incredible fact when you consider its small population. It is also curious that, despite their small population, there are four Christian denominations: Catholic Church , Seventh-day Adventist Church , Jehovah's Witnesses , Pentecostalism . Land prices border on the incredible: In the municipality of Montemorelosone hectare is acquired for around one hundred thousand pesos, but in Atongo de Abajo the same hectare is acquired for one million pesos.

Río de Atongo.

Academic institutions

  • Vicente Guerrero Kindergarten
  • Gral. Gerónimo Treviño Elementary School, Constitución No.301.
  • Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas, Pino Suárez and Insurgentes High School S / N.
  • CBTA (Center for Agricultural Technological Baccalaureate) # 74 Extension Atongo , Revolución and Pino Suárez S / N


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