Caught up in the sky - Atrapados en el cielo

Caught up in the sky
Studio album of Pastoral
Publication 1977
Recording Between May and August 1977
Genders) progressive rock
Record label CABAL
Producer (s) Netto Studios ( Buenos Aires , Argentina )
El Dorado Studios ( Sao Paulo , Brazil )
Jorge Álvarez
Pastoral Chronology
Trapped in the Sky
Magic Message

Atrapados en el cielo is the fourth studio album by the Argentine rock duo Pastoral . This work is considered the last work of Pastoral before the decline of the duo, the break after being released the same year the EP that follows, Magical Message , and their subsequent reunion. [ 1 ]


Atrapados en el cielo was recorded and mixed at Estudios El Dorado , in São Paulo, Brazil, and then finished in Argentina, at Estudios Netto , under the signature of the record label CABAL , a record company involved with the duo since their debut album Pastoral . [ 1 ]



The main theme of the album results in the madness of man. Likewise, songs such as "The owner of the dolls" that challenged the recently formed Argentine military dictatorship , the life and thoughts portrayed in "So Simple" and "The Space is for the Birds", and even a written guajira by Erausquin in "Elida's Theme". [ 1 ]

Melodies and instrumentation

Unlike its predecessor Humans with abundant arrangements of strings and orchestras, Atrapados en el cielo put special emphasis on wind instruments, bagpipes, and with a preference towards South American rhythms. "Sister reality" (also known as "The reality is my sister ') has winks to the modern style of tango of Astor Piazzolla . [ 1 ]

Cover page

The cover art was in charge of the illustrator and photographer Juan Oreste Gatti and shows a surreal scene: a portion of the sky seen from the tear-filled bars of a prison. [ 1 ] The duo's name can be read at the top. In another version, the front face replaced the sky portion by De Michele's face, and by Erausquin's face on the inner face. [ 2 ]


Pastoral performs massive concerts in Chile, thus becoming one of the first progressive rock groups to tour abroad. [ 3 ] On April 14, 1977, they performed a show at the Luna Park covered stadium , which took place despite the ban imposed on rock concerts by the Argentine military dictatorship . [ 3 ]

Songs list

All songs written and composed by Alejandro de Michele.
Songs list
N.º Title Duration
1. "Caught in the sky" 3:54
2. "The owner of the dolls" 5:00
3. "Moan little girl" 4:52
4. "Maybe it also has a name" 3:58
5. "Sad old lady" 3:05
6. "Sister reality" 4:57
7. "Elida's Theme" 4:05
8. "It's that simple" 3:20
9. "Space belongs to the birds" 4:21

Credits and staff


Guest musicians

  • Antenor Gandra (electric guitar)
  • Elías Almeida (electric guitar)
  • Hugo Villarreal (electric bass)
  • Guillermo Bordarampé (electric bass)
  • Willy Verdaguer (electric bass)
  • Alfredo Toth (electric bass)
  • Chicao Cobra (drums)
  • Juan Carlos "Mono" Fontana (drums)
  • Claudio (percussion)
  • Manolo Yanes (organ)
  • Eduardo Asad (piano and melotrón)
  • Ara Tokatlian (flauta y saxo)
  • Richard Pearson (bagpipes)
  • Dino Saluzzi (bandoneon)
  • Antonio Agri and his band (stringed instruments)


  • Jorge Da Saliva, José Luis Costa, Flavio Barrera, Joao Batista, Luis Carlos Batista (recording technicians)
  • Oswaldo Ferreira (mastering)
  • Billy Bond (production coordination)
  • Billy Bond and Pastoral (mix)
  • Milton Araujo (cut)
  • Jorge Álvarez (producer)
  • Juan Oreste Gatti (cover art, photography and illustration)
  • Pastoral (vocal and instrumental arrangements)
  • Aníbal Forcada, Fofi, Oscar (assistants)
  • CABAL (record label)
  • Netto Studios (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • El Dorado Studios (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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