Atrichornithidae - Atrichornithidae

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Kingdom : Animalia
Wire : Chordata
Class : Birds
Order : Passeriformes
Family : Atrichornithidae
Stejneger, 1885
Gender : Atrichornis
Stejneger, 1885

The scrub or squat trees belong to the Atrichornithidae family . There are only two species, one of them was believed extinct until 1961 and the other is endangered with just 400 specimens. They are both Australian .

The family is believed to be quite old and closest to Menuridae , and probably also to Ptilonorhynchidae and Climacteridae . It is assumed that they appeared with the great radiation of the corvids in the Australia - New Guinea region .

Both species are between 17 and 23 cm tall and are black and brownish in color. They have short, rounded wings, a long and quite wide tail, often erect. The legs are long and strong.

They live in dense understory : the reddish scrub ( Atrichornis rufescens ) in the temperate rainforests of the Queensland - New South Wales border , and the noisy scrub ( Atrichornis clamosus ) in semi-arid scrublands of Western Australia . They are very discreet and skittish. They are bad flyers, but good runners.

The call of the males is quite loud, a metallic sound so loud that it can be heard at great distances, and it is painful at close range.

The females build nests curved at ground level and deal alone progeny.

In 1962 , the total population of Atrichornis clamosus was estimated between 40 and 45 individuals. At the end of the 1980s the figure had been raised to about 400, and it has subsequently been reintroduced in various places, but it continues to be in danger of extinction.


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