Atrium Publishing House - Atrium Verlag

Atrium Publishing House

legal form AG (according to Swiss law)
founding 1935
Seat SwitzerlandSwitzerland Zurich , Hamburg
management Jan Weitendorf von Hacht (President), Andrea Groll (Publishing Director ppa)
Branch Book publisher

The Atrium Verlag AG (atrium) was founded in Switzerland in the 1935th Atrium has been a Swiss company based in Hamburg since 1976, as part of the Oetinger publishing group until 2015, and as part of the W1 Media publishing group since 2016 .


On May 10, 1933, Erich Kästner's books were burned by the National Socialists. Shortly before had Kurt Leo Maschler the Williams & Co Publishers of Edith Jacobson adopted. After Kästner was no longer allowed to publish in Germany under the Nazis, his publisher Kurt Leo Maschler tried to persuade him to flee, but Kästner did not want to leave Germany. Thereupon Maschler decided in 1935 to found a new publishing house in Baselwhich he later moved to Zurich. This marked the birth of the Atrium Verlag, which Maschler named after a Berlin cinema. Maschler himself justified his actions with the words: “Since I couldn't get Kästner to emigrate, I emigrated his books. I went to Switzerland and founded Atrium Verlag. " [1]

On January 1, 1937, Maschler was expelled from the Reichsschrifttumskammer as a Jew and was no longer allowed to enter his office from September 1, 1937. Maschler then went to Vienna in August 1937. After the Nazis invaded Austria in March 1938, Maschler was denounced. He was able to escape to Amsterdam via Berlin. In 1939, Maschler was granted entry to England. He went to London, from where he sold Kästner rights to over thirty countries during the Second World War. In 1976 Maschler sold the publishing house to the family who owned the Friedrich Oetinger publishing group . In 2016, Jan Weitendorf von Hacht, a descendant of the Oetingers, founded the W1 Media Group and took over the publishers Atrium, Arche and NordSüd.

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To this day, the world rights to all of Erich Kästner's works are with Atrium Verlag.

Tim Jung managed the publishing house from 2013 to 2019. After moving to Hoffmann and Campe [2] , Andrea Groll took over the publishing management of Atrium Verlag in December 2019. [3]


In 1935, Erich Kästner's first book was Emil and the Three Twins in the newly founded Atrium Verlag. Other authors of the publishing house in the following years were Stefan Zweig , Adrienne Thomas , Hugh Lofting , Annette Kolb , Kurt Tucholsky , Erich Fried and Norman Mailer (in Switzerland).

Since 2008, Erich Kästner has been the focus of the program again. In autumn 2013 Atrium published the unabridged and unchanged original version of Kästner's Fabian for the first time with The Walk to the Dogs under the title that Kästner had originally intended for the novel. In spring 2013, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the book burning, the Kästner volume On Burning Books was published . In spring 2015 it was published under the title There is nothing good, except: You do it epigrams by Erich Kästner illustrated by Christoph Niemann .

In addition, Atrium has now positioned itself in adult books with special, sophisticated suspense literature by international bestselling authors such as Hideo Yokoyama , Mark Billingham , Donato Carrisi , PD James , Chan Ho-kei and Anna Grue, as well as with current, socially relevant topics such as those in the books of Bijan Moini are treated. [4]


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