Atze musical theater - Atze Musiktheater

Atze musical theater

The Atze Musiktheater is a music theater for children in Berlin . 1985 as a rock band for kids with performances in a rear building stage in Kreuzberg Atze has established over the years into a large children's theater with its own venue in the former Max Beckmann Hall, previously the main auditorium of the adjacent Beuth Hochschule , [1] in Wedding developed. The house has two stages. The large auditorium seats 480 spectators, the studio stage 150 spectators. The word Atze means big brother or best friend in Berlinand stands for the demand to take children by the hand, to tell them something about life and, above all, to support them.

The main target group are families and school classes with children between the ages of four and twelve. The production Bach - the life of a musician was awarded the Ikarus 2006 as an “outstanding Berlin theater production for children and young people” and is also aimed at young people and adults. The core of the program is made up of stage adaptations of classic children's books such as Ronja the robber's daughter or Das doppelte Lottchen , productions of well-known fairy tales such as Frau Holle or Bremen Town Musicians as well as theater versions of modern children's books such as Rico, Oskar and Die Tieferschatten or The Best Funerals in the World. Own productions based on text books by theater director Thomas Sutter such as Spaghettihochzeit (premiere in October 2013) complete the offer.

The performances in Berlin's Atze Musiktheater are attended by around 90,000 spectators each year. The theater's nationwide tour guest performances throughout Germany add 25,000 to 30,000 spectators each year.

With the current productions Spaghettihochzeit (2013), Das doppelte Lottchen (2014) and Matti and Sami and the three biggest mistakes of the universe (January 2015), the theater is fundamentally revising its musical concept and interlocking sung and spoken dialogues into a new form of the musical Dialogue.


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