Branch of the Franz-Mehring-Institute in Berlin-Biesdorf - Außenstelle des Franz-Mehring-Instituts in Berlin-Biesdorf

Building of the branch of the Franz-Mehring-Institute and the Wilhelm-Griesinger-Hospital in Berlin-Biesdorf (2008)

The branch of the Franz-Mehring-Institut in Berlin-Biesdorf was an educational institution of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in East Berlin . It was established in 1970 by the GDR Council of Ministers and served to train functionaries of the West German German Communist Party (DKP) in Marxism-Leninism . Organizationally, the branch belonged to the Franz-Mehring -Institute of the Karl-Marx-Universität Leipzig , which was responsible for the training of teachers for basic Marxist-Leninist studies .

In the DKP and its affiliated youth organization, the Socialist German Workers' Youth (SDAJ), the branch of the Franz-Mehring-Institut was a party school. Every member designated for a full-time job was delegated to Biesdorf, provided that they did not belong to the minority who were allowed to study at the International Lenin School in Moscow . [1] In 1989 there were around 500 full-time DKP functionaries. [2] From 1970 until its closure in 1989, several hundred party members of the DKP attended the three-, six- and twelve-month rates. Participants in the training courses included Harald Werner , [3] Christian von Ditfurth ,[4] Cordt Schnibben [5] and Manfred Dott .

The branch was housed in the part of the building of the Wilhelm Griesinger Hospital in the Berlin-Biesdorf district that was previously used by the Soviet Red Army . The party school and the hospital were separated by a fence. Today parts of the building complex are used by the Berlin Accident Hospital .

Individual evidence

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