Except for the grinding mill 27 - Außer der Schleifmühle 27

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The residential and commercial building Besides the Schleifmühle 27 and Am Dobben 147 in Bremen - Mitte , Besides the Schleifmühle , was built in 1906 according to plans by Heinrich Behrens-Nicolai . It has been a listed building since 1994 . [1]


The five-and-a-half-story building in Art Nouveau style was built for the merchant Julius Elbrecht and the Bremen automobile and bicycle headquarters . It belongs to the early reinforced concrete - skeleton structures in Bremen. The main facade is divided into five axes by the continuous pillar templates .
The ground floor is characterized by the large shop windows. The Bremen automobile and bicycle headquarters with its workshops was located here.
On the upper floors, triple windows alternate with loggias , balconies and the rounded, two-story bay windowin the central axis. The pillar templates are designed with fluted profiles, figural reliefs , consoles , columns and two larger-than-life, plastic female figures at the level of the 4th floor. The curved gable with a strong roof overhang over the three central axes is striking, the surface of which, interrupted by four windows and two flat obelisk templates, shows as a weak relief a sun setting in the sea with a boat protruding in the middle and two flanking sea snakes.

The likewise five-storey rear facade at Am Dobben 147 has a very simple design.

Originally, the upper floors housed up to 300 m² apartments with a central vacuum cleaner system, which were intended for upper-class tenants. In 2014 there were various shops, offices and apartments in the building.


Individual evidence

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Coordinates: 53 ° 4 ′ 47.7 " N , 8 ° 49 ′ 13.9" E