Even the washing machine is only human - Auch die Waschmaschine ist nur ein Mensch

Even the washing machine is only human is a satire collection by Ephraim Kishon , which was published in 1987 .

The book contains stories that relate to technology in everyday life. For example, the problems that television causes in bringing up children ( television as an educational institution ), the problem of the atom bomb ( the bomb for everyone ) or the confrontation of western industry with tough competition from Japan ( Made in Japan ) are discussed.

In most of the stories, Kishon does not write from the point of view of some fictional person, but tells them as if he had actually experienced them himself, which suggests that it was not least based on the experiences he himself had in the field of technology, have their origin. Due to the exaggerations typical of Kishon, it is difficult for the reader to take the stories as reality.

List of satires

The different parts of the book cover different topics. There is no closer connection between the individual satires.

The revenge of home appliances

  • The fight with the installer
  • Alarm makes you at home
  • How not to save water
  • Ges. Gesch.
  • Even the washing machine is only human
  • On dry land
  • In wonderland
  • Ironing made easy
  • When the electricity was cut off for us
  • Telefonpremiere

The phone, your friend and helper

  • A promising start
  • Variation in Romanian
  • Dingsda
  • Terzett
  • In the service of international understanding
  • Austerity measure
  • A varied phone call
  • Murder by the wire
  • Wrong number - correctly connected
  • Please not on the phone

The Bermuda Triangle: radio, photo, stereo

  • PLX 45 L
  • The mass and the medium
  • Figuratively speaking
  • You have to be able to write hit
  • Records without sound
  • Seventh-hand stereo
  • Soundtrack total
  • The fully automatic epidemic ...
  • Snappers

Haustyrann in Technicolor

  • TV as an educational institution
  • From Teletaxi
  • Looking for a program
  • Minestrone on television
  • crime scene
  • Names on an endless loop
  • Third type television
  • A Star is born

Stories from the third screw

  • Two screws in three-quarter time
  • The blue milk canal
  • "A" for elevator
  • What typesetting machines can do ...
  • Fuel with vitamin C.
  • Shortwave recipe
  • With the underground to the Stone Age
  • Computer hunted down criminals
  • Made in Japan
  • The bomb for everyone


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