Auchac - Auchac

Auchac is a rural sector of the commune of Quellón . It is located 22 kilometers from this city and has an approximate population of 500 inhabitants. The gentilicio is Auchacano.

Etymology (from the Chona language) Au: place Chac: clams
common Quellón
province Chiloé Archipelago
Region Los Lagos Region
country Chile


Vestiges of indigenous presence (chonos) have been found in the place. At the end of the 19th century it was practically uninhabited, only a couple of families lived in the place, the town began to develop in the early days of 1900 when a family from Aldachildo, Puqueldón commune, began to colonize the place, especially growing wheat in the wide valley of the sector. This caused other families to quickly populate the place, so in 1902 the first school was created. A mill was also built and later in 1918 a straw oratory. The inhabitants began the exploitation of sea products given the coastal nature of this town. Since then the population has been growing steadily, achieving over the years; the construction of its Chapel dedicated to Saint Francis of Assisi in 1933 "consecrated by the priest Delfín Bahamonde". [ 1 ]The creation of sea urchin processing fishing industries and salmon plants, as well as the paving of its streets, construction of a port ramp and the installation of commerce and services.


The landscape of the place stands out for the wide beach overlooking the Isla Tranqui and Isla Chaullín and the Cordillera de los Andes, highlighting the Corcovado volcano. At the end of the beach there are rocks and caves where you can see birds such as swans, seagulls and Humboldt penguins.

In the last time whales have passed through the waters of the sector.


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