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In many areas of technology, devices or products are referred to as series , model or (especially in Austria) type [1] , which have been manufactured in multiple designs in the same way, possibly with joint type approval . This designation is mainly used when the same product before or after or at the same time to the same extent, but in a significantly different way z. B. after a facelift , was or is being built. In the case of airplanes, one speaks of patterns .

In connection with the development of the series, a series is also used to describe the group of similar technical structures that exist in different sizes. For example a group of special screws or electric motors arranged from small to large. The size classification is often based on the geometric sequence method using a standard number . Most of the time, there are half similarities in a series, since of course the size of a system does not grow with the people who operate it. Another reason for half-similarities are technological requirements and the requirement for good material utilization, whereby the stress on the material can increase according to factors different from the size factor.

The term is sensibly always used with an additional identifier, in the simplest case for example with a time reference z. B. "the previous series" or with a name or code marking z. B. "the luxury series" or "the series V 200 ".

Whether a product belongs to a defined series or which products form a common series is usually decided by the producer , the manufacturer or the owner .

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