Beja - Bejes


View of the town of Bejes.

View of the town of Bejes.
Bejes located in Spain
Location of Bejes in Spain.
Bejes located in Cantabria
Location of Bejes in Cantabria.
country Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Autonomous communication Flag of Cantabria (Official).svg Cantabria
Province Flag of Cantabria (Official).svg Cantabria
Municipality Cillorigo de Liébana
Location 43°14′30″N 4°38′45″O / 43.241666666667, -4.6458333333333Coordenadas: 43°14′30″N 4°38′45″O / 43.241666666667, -4.6458333333333
Altitude 582 masl
Population 69 have. ( INE 2011 )
Demonym Bejesanos
Postal Code 39580
Pattern San Roque (August 16)
Patroness Our Lady (August 15)

Bejes is a town that belongs to the municipality of Cillorigo de Liébana , in the Liébana region ( Cantabria , Spain ).


There is a written record of this town since 946, according to a deed collected in the Santo Toribio de Liébana Charter , in which a private individual donates lands and vineyards in Bejes to the church of San Pedro and San Pablo de Quiviesa .

The place belonged to the monastery of Santo Toribio and later in the Sunday area to Don Tello, see testimony in the Calf Book of the Behetrias -1351- and was fiscally privileged.

Throughout the Modern Age, Bejes continues to be linked to the hereditary line of the successive lords of Liébana Don Tello, Admiral Diego de Mendoza and Leonor de la Vega and of course to the first Marquis of Santillana , Iñigo López de Mendoza .

Thus, it can be proved that it continued to belong to this manor throughout the Modern Era, see Bejes Ordinance of 1600 and reform of 1651, drafted before the Notaries Juan González de Linares and Domingo de Corces Mier; 1739 and the Ensenada Cadastre , which was made with the residents of Bejes on July 5, 1752 (447 folios).

A century later, the geographical-statistical dictionary Madoz , 1845-1850, tells us the inhabitants that it has, that there are 140 souls and there are 32 neighbors and it says that they harvest wheat, corn, beans, beans, potatoes, flax, hemp and some fruits and cattle of all kinds and above all it tells us that cheese and butter are produced in large quantities.


Its parish church is dedicated to Santa María. In this town a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest is celebrated: that of San Carlos or the Sacred Heart, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August , every five years, when it ends at 0 or 5. A pilgrimage begins in Bejes to the top of the Pico del Sagrado Corazón or San Carlos (2,212 masl), in the Andara Massif of the Picos de Europa ; a Campaign Mass is celebrated, perhaps the one celebrated at the highest altitude in Spain; after the mass, one descends to the Las Vegas de Ándara field and a meal and regional dances are celebrated; you descend at the end of the day, with torches, and the party continues with verbena in the town of Bejes. On the Pico San Carlos a monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus was erected in 1900 . In commemoration, Jesús de Monasterio composed a "Hymn to the Sacred Heart."

Mountain routes

From Bejes you can take mountaineering or hiking routes, usually internment in the Andara Massif of the Picos de Europa, being able to mention:


Bejes is well known for the manufacture of one of the most famous cheeses in Spain, such as Picón Bejes-Tresviso Cheese, a cheese that has a Protected Designation of Origin since 1994, BOE No. 57, of March 8, 1994, according to the order of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of MARCH 1, 1994 by which the Regulation of the Denomination of Origin "Picón Bejes-Tresviso" is ratified .

The suckling lambs of Bejes are also famous, probably due to livestock management with mountain pastures in the Picos de Europa National Park . The town has about 2,100 heads of sheep and goats and about 300 heads of cattle, which are the basis for the production of milk for the production of the famous Picón de Bejes cheese .


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