Borussia Lippstadt - Borussia Lippstadt

Borussia Lippstadt
Full name Sports club Borussia
Lippstadt e. V.
place Lippstadt , North Rhine-Westphalia
Founded March 24, 1908
Dissolved 1997 (football department)
Club colors Red White
Stadium Stadium am Bruchbaum
Top league Association League Westphalia
successes Promotion to the Association League in 1957

Borussia Lippstadt (officially: Sportverein Borussia 08 Lippstadt eV ) was a sports club from Lippstadt in the Soest district of North Rhine-Westphalia . The first soccer team played for five years in the highest Westphalian amateur league and merged with the soccer department of Teutonia Lippstadt on June 4, 1997 to form SV Lippstadt 08 .


The association was founded on March 24, 1908 by students of the Ostendorf Ratsgymnasium in the Holländer Hof on Langen Strasse. Borussia initially played on Kranenkasper. Two years later, Borussia rose to the B class. In 1910 there was a setback when the headmaster of the Ostendorf-Ratsgymnasium forbade his students from membership in the association. [1] Three years later, Borussia rose again to the B-Class together with local rivals Teutonia. During the First World War the game was stopped.

After the end of the war, Borussia became champions of the A class in 1921 after a 5-2 victory over SuS Ahlen and rose to the second highest league. Due to the hyperinflation in Germany, however, numerous top performers left the club and Borussia was only able to maintain the sporting level with a great deal of effort. In 1929, after a league reorganization, the club was relegated to the B-Class and moved into a new stadium on Lipperbruchbaum. [1] After two rises in a row, Borussia in 1935 reached the then second-class district League East Westphalia . In the 1944/45 season, the club formed a war game community together with Teutonia and the Luftwaffensportverein Lippstadt .[2]

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After the end of the Second World War , Borussia was promoted to the then third-class Landesliga Westfalen in 1952 , which was then the highest Westphalian amateur league. With placings ahead of Teutonia, Borussia took over the local leadership role again in the meantime, before the team failed to qualify for the newly introduced Association League Westphalia in 1956 as seventh, five points behind SV Brackwede . Although they were promoted there in the following season, Borussia had to leave the Westphalian upper house in 1958 after one year.

Borussia developed into an elevator team . Between 1963 and 1966 and from 1967 to 1970 the club entered the national league, but never got beyond the relegation battle. In 1973 they were promoted to the national league again, where Borussia immediately became runner-up behind BV Brambauer . In the late 1970s, the team fell into the shadow of Teutonia, which played in the Oberliga Westfalen for four years . In 1993 the Borussia were relegated to the bottom of the table in the district league. Two years later, the association began a youth cooperation with Teutonia, which finally led to a merger in 1997. [1]


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