Buback (company) - Buback (Unternehmen)

Active years Since 1987
founder Ale Dumbsky and Ted Gaier
Seat Hamburg
Website www.buback.de
distribution Indigo
Genre(s) Punk, Jazz, Hip-Hop

Buback is a Hamburg Independent - Label for recorded music .


The music label was founded in 1987 in a shared apartment in Hamburg-Altona . The founding fathers were Ale Dumbsky and Ted Gaier from the band Die Goldenen Zitronen . [1] The plates of the band sold surprisingly well, and so Buback was the untitled album of the punk band Angeschissen produce. After initially mainly punk was on Buback's program, reggae and jazz releases were added later.

In 1993 Buback had a breakthrough in their hometown with the album Kill the Nation with a Groove , the sampler with a mixture of hip-hop , jazz and punk tracks made Buback known in Hamburg, among other things the debut was on the sampler the Hamburg hip-hop / rap crew Absolute Beginner . From then on, Buback focused primarily on hip-hop, and the 1993 Jam Kill the Nation with a Groove was sold out immediately. The Buback Christmas Jam has also been held since 1993.

In the years that followed, there were many other, primarily hip-hop-influenced events. In 1994 the old small flat share no longer met the requirements, so that Buback moved to the Schanzenviertel . In the same year, the Sempex music publisher was founded and has been promoting artists ever since. In 1995 Buback also contributed to Hamburg's reggae wave, and Absolute Beginner released their first album.

The big breakthrough in Germany came for Buback in 1998 with the album Bambule der Absoluten Beginner, which celebrated a great chart success across Germany and achieved gold status with more than 250,000 copies sold . Also in 1998 started Doppelkopf and the formation Dynamite Deluxe , which brought further successes in the field of hip hop. Buback continued to expand and moved to a larger office in the summer of 2000.

In 2001 the album Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels by Jan Delay was released on Buback . This was followed by Die Goldenen Zitronen in 2002, Schafott zum Elevator and in 2003 the best-of album Statement against Statement. In 2005 the artist Daniel Richter took over the label. [2] The staff Thorsten Seif and Friederike Meyer was CEO. Since then, Ale Dumbsky has only devoted himself to the Sempex music publisher. [3] After albums by JaKönigJa , Main Concept , Adolf Noise , The Doors and The Golden Lemons, the highly acclaimed radio album Mercedes-Dance came in 2006by Jan Delay. This was followed in the same year publications by The Broken Beats , Zwanie Jonson, Tocotronic and 3 Normal Beatles. New to Buback Tonträger is the avant-garde band F. SK , whose album Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle was released in February 2008.

On June 7, 2018 the label celebrated its 30th anniversary in the Hamburg music club Uebel & Hazardous . In addition to the 800 guests, artists such as Jan Delay, Denyo and Samy Deluxe , Jochen Distelmeyer , Die Goldenen Zitronen, Schnipo Schranke , JaKönigJa, Zugezogen Masculin and Kristof Schreuf appeared at the anniversary concert. [4]



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