Good boys - Buenos Muchachos

Good boys
General data
Origin Montevideo UruguayFlag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
Artistic information
Genders) Alternative rock
Period of activity 1991-present
Label (s) Bizarre Records
Related artists The Younger Sister , Electric Boys , Andy Adler, Heaven's Eyes
Pedro Dalton
Marcelo Fernandez
Jose Nozar
Ignacio Echeverría
Gustavo "Topo" Antuña
Ignacio "Nacho" Gutierrez
Francisco "Pancho" Coelho
Álvaro Garrigós
Laura Gutman
Rafael Clavere
Marcelo Monteverde
Daniel Yaffé
Alejandro Itté

Buenos Muchachos is an alternative rock band from Montevideo , Uruguay , with great influences from bands like Pixies , Sonic Youth , Nirvana , Pavement , and to a lesser extent Pink Floyd .


Buenos Muchachos was born in 1991 in Malvín , a neighborhood of the city of Montevideo ( Uruguay ). [ 1 ] In the rehearsal place that Gustavo Antuña and Pedro Dalton had, the band began to form, for which they invited two of their friends to join. The band's first recital was given on a birthday in front of a small but excited audience of girlfriends and friends. His official presentation was at Juntacadáveres in March 1992 in front of about one hundred listeners. Shortly after they began to appear in other places such as Amarillo, La Factoría and El perro azul, among others; there they generated a growing group of followers.

Already in 1994 they began their studio recordings. Their product, the album Never was I , went on sale in 1996, in cassette format and released independently and quite handmade. This album sold out quickly and is today almost a collector's item. After the first album was released, they continued to perform live. Already as a quintet due to the incorporation of Marcelo Fernández. Between 1994 and 1996 the band suspended its activity due to internal problems. Later they entered the studio again and the result was Aire rico , an album released in 1999. In 2000 they released their next studio album, Dendritas contra el bicho ugly .

In 2004, with José Nozar (Loopez, Elixir, La Hermana Menor ) on drums and Alejandro Itté (Elixir, La Hermana Menor) on bass, they released Amanecer Owl , a new CD published by Bizarro Records and produced by themselves and Gastón Akerman. This album was presented at the El Galpón theater with sold out tickets. The first video on the album is "He Never Wants to See You (Once Again)", directed by Diego Fernández.

They have also participated in some compilations and filmed a handful of video clips. His songs were included in the films 25 watts (2001) and La perrera (2006). They played in pubs, bars, mass festivals, theaters and beaches in Uruguay (Amarillo, Paraleleo 27, Perdidos, Juntacadáveres, Amarcord, Pachamama, BJ, Dos, La Factoría, El Galpón Theater, Stella D'Italia Theater, Metro Theater, Zitarrosa Hall , Summer Theater, etc.) and Argentina (Imaginario Sur, Centro Cultural Rojas, Niceto, Cemento, Roxy). They have shared the stage with a huge number of bands, many local and other foreign ( Pixies , Divididos , Yo La Tengo , Small orchestra repeat offenders ,Stephen Malkmus or Las pelotas ).

Already in 2006 a new album by the band was released, which is called Uno con uno and so on . This album was officially presented in May 2007 at the Metro Theater. During 2007 and 2008 the band achieved great audience growth both in its own shows as well as in festivals. From mid-2008 to September 2009 they took a year off, then returned with a series of recitals at La Trastienda. However, after the release of that album, the band decided to stop for a while due to a lack of desire to perform and the "love and hate relationship between some members of the band." [ 2 ]

On October 7, 2010, they performed a show as opening act for the Pixies at the Summer Theater , in one of their most important concerts, since the Pixies were one of their main influences. [ 3 ] In 2011, a third guitarist, Francisco "Pancho" Coelho, and a keyboardist, Ignacio "Nacho" Gutierrez, joined the group. That same year they performed the show "Puro Humo", at the Summer Theater, after the departure of Se polle la colmena . [ 4 ]

In 2015, prior to the recording of Nidal , Nacho Echeverría took over the bass. In April 2016 they presented the album at the Summer Theater. In December 2017, he released his eighth album , Unnamed. [ 5 ]


Current integration
  • Pedro Dalton - Voice
  • Marcelo Fernández- Guitar and voice
  • José Nozar- Drums
  • Nacho Echeverría - Bass and backing vocals
  • Nacho Gutiérrez - Keyboards and backing vocals
  • Francisco "Pancho" Coelho - Guitars
  • Gustavo "Topo" Antuña - Guitars and backing vocals
  • Álvaro Garrigós
  • Laura Gutman
  • Rafael Clavere
  • Marcelo Monteverde
  • Daniel Yaffé
  • Alejandro Itté


  • Strange visions (tribute album to Los Estomachos , 1996)
  • Justice after one o'clock (Vulture tribute album, 2010)
  • Dendrites vs. the Ugly Bug (2008)
  • It was never me (2010)


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