Public land mobile radio service - Öffentlicher mobiler Landfunkdienst

The public land mobile service is a subcategory of the land mobile service .

Until the end of 1994, the Federal Ministry for Post and Telecommunications , at that time the national frequency administration and authority for frequency usage, used the term “public mobile land radio service” [1] , which is no longer valid today. Examples of this are the radio applications of the time paging service , car phone , A network , B network and C network .

In general, the term refers to a wireless form of communication in which a radio link can be established between two mobile terrestrial radio stations or a mobile terrestrial radio station and a fixed terrestrial radio station, and which involves the transmission, transmission or reception of characters, signals, characters, images, Sounds or messages of any kind are used. According to VO radio , this radio service is classified as follows:



Individual evidence

  1. Green Paper - Frequency range allocation plan for the Federal Republic of Germany and international allocation of the frequency ranges 9 kHz - 400 GHz; 1994; issued by the BMPT; BAPT order no. 5010311 001-1; Page 11, no. 28_3.9, definition: mobile land radio service .