Cesar Junaro - César Junaro

Cesar Junaro
Personal information
Birth November 22 , 1951 View and modify data on Wikidata(69 years old)
Oruro ( Bolivia ) View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Bolivian
Professional information
Occupation Guitarist and singer-songwriter View and modify data on Wikidata

César Junaro Durán (b. Oruro , Bolivia ; November 22, 1951) is a Bolivian singer-songwriter , brother of the singers Emma Junaro and Jaime Junaro , and currently resides in the department of La Paz in the town or municipality of Achocalla , in the Murillo province . A musician by profession, he was part of a folk group called Savia Nueva, with whom he made a time in Bolivia and much of Latin America and the world where he recorded a large number of his compositions with them. Songs of his authorship were also recorded by other Bolivian and foreign artists. Among his musical works we have as Paloma, With this hand, While you are absent, Ch´alla, Chaquiñan, Blanca rosa, Wounded bird, Your seed, Nicaragua, Song for a body in the forest, Trapiche, Explanation of my country, Chipaya porq , Literacy Campaign, Drama titled "A", Dancer for Percussion Orchestra, Yawar Party for Native Instruments Orchestra. He also composed other musical themes entitled Los mineros volveremos, Niño, Guitarra, Leyenda del Danzante, Pa'andar el mundo y cantalo, Elegía a Juana Azurduy, Maripos, In spite of anger. His musical theme "


With New Sap

  • Let life fly
  • The condor returns
  • Song for a Continent
  • The miners will return

In solitary

  • Your seed (together with Emma Junaro and Jaime Junaro)
  • Latin American instrumentals (with Marcelo Peña )

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