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Name of the bridge District Notes and picture location
Caprivibrücke Charlottenburg
Caprivibrücke 01.JPG
The Caprivibrücke is a road bridge over the Spree in Berlin-Charlottenburg. It was named after the Chancellor Count Leo von Caprivi . Today's bridge is a new construction from 1956.
Carl Schurz Bridge Spandau
Carl Schurz Bridge.jpg
The bridge leads the Carl-Schurz-Straße over the Mühlengraben, which bounded the city wall of Alt-Spandau . Like the street, it bears the name of Carl Schurz , the first native German to become a member of the American Senate .
Carl Zuckmayer Bridge Schöneberg
Rathaus Schöneberg underground station with overlying Carl-Zuckmayer-Bridge in 2005
Triton with nymph
The bridge forms the roof of the Rathaus Schöneberg underground station and connects the northern and southern parts of Innsbrucker Straße over the valley of Rudolph-Wilde-Park , but is closed to road traffic. It goes back to a design by the architect Johann Emil Schaudt and was completed in 1910 with the underground station (at that time: underground station "Stadtpark"). It is decorated with stone figures and vases on an artistic parapet, from which wide stairs lead down to the two parts of the park. The four groups of figures on the parapets are by Richard Guhr and, according to the information board, represent tritons from mythical times with nymphs on their backsabout once consisting of a chain of lakes Fenngelände carry from one bank to another. [1] It is named after the writer Carl Zuckmayer , who lived in the immediate vicinity in 1930. The bridge and the train station were extensively renovated between 1995 and 2005 .
Cecilienbrücke Hellersdorf The bridge leads the Cecilienstraße over the river Wuhle . The bridge is 15.5 meters long and about 24 meters wide and has footbridges on both sides. cards
Cecilien road bridge Hellersdorf The bridge leads Cecilienstraße over the tracks of underground line 5 . It consists of three parallel components that are offset lengthways and connected to one another by means of a metal construction. Length 35.42 m; Total width 26.35 m, lanes in the middle 10.60 m wide. cards
Charlottenbrücke Spandau
BPK00780-Charlottenbrücke in Spandau.jpg
Charlottenbrücke in 2009
The steel arch bridge leads the street Charlottenstrasse / Stresowstrasse over the Havel and connects the river promenades via stairs. The listed bridge with its bridgehead and its lights is located around 150 meters south of the Spree estuary on the eastern edge of the old town of Spandau . It was built between 1926 and 1929 and replaced the multi-part arch bridge from 1886 (top picture). [2] The spantoday's bridge is 60 m, the arch height 10 m. The bridge has two lanes and two parking lanes. The width of the carriageway is 11 m, that of the sidewalks each 5 m. In 2000, the roadway was sealed for around DM 215,000 . [3] [4] At its northern end there was a statue of Emperor Friedrich III until around 1926 . by Albert Manthe from 1892. More pictures at Commons
Charlottenburg Bridge Charlottenburg
2007-03-07 Charlottenburger-Tor.jpg
The Charlottenburg Bridge, which is integrated into the Charlottenburger Tor , spans the Landwehr Canal on the border of today's districts of Charlottenburg and Tiergarten ; then city limits. The 55 m wide vault bridge , completed in 1907, replaced an old wooden bascule bridge and leads the Straße des 17. Juni over the canal.
Chaussee road bridge Wedding
Chausseestrasse bridge in 2009
The Chausseestrasse bridge leads the Chausseestrasse / Müllerstrasse at the Erika-Heß-Eisstadion over the northern derivation of the Panke . The first, almost 8 m wide, was widened to around 20 m in 1868 and to over 31 m in 1886. In 1876 the structure is mentioned as a "solid stone bridge". In 1926 the bridge was renewed and since then it has also crossed the U6 , which runs under the street. [5] On the northeast side of the 10 m long bridge there is a retention basin of the Panke. The last weir of the river is at the beginning of the bridge.
Christiansteg Alt-Hohen-Schönhausen The Christansteg is a pedestrian bridge over the Elsengraben . cards
Clayalleebrücke Dahlem
Clayallee bridge in 2009
The Clayallee bridge leads the Clayallee over the subway line U3 running in an incision . The bridge is the only access to the Oskar-Helene-Heim underground station . It bears the name of the American General Lucius D. Clay , the initiator of the Berlin Airlift .
Colditzbrücke Tempelhof
Colditzbrücke (5).JPG
The Colditzbrücke is a concrete road bridge over the Teltow Canal at kilometer 23.96 of the artificial waterway. Colditzstrasse, which also gave it its name, runs over the bridge. The street was named after the city of Colditz in Saxony . It was built in the late 1950s after the Achenbach Bridge, which was built on this site in 1905 , was destroyed. On October 20, 1958, the 12.66 meter wide and 80 meter long bridge (49 meters span) was opened. The construction costs amounted to 520,000 DM . [6]
Cornelius Bridge Zoo
Corneliusbrücke 1 Berlin.JPG
The Cornelius Bridge leads the Stülerstraße / Budapester Straße street over the Landwehr Canal and connects the Corneliusufer with the Lützowufer. Built in 1874/75, it has been named after the painter Peter von Cornelius since 1876 . The current, renewed concrete arch bridge dates from 1954/1955.


Name of the bridge District Notes and picture location
Dahlemer Weg Bridge

and ramp (Dahlemer Weg bridge)

Dahlemer Weg Bridge in 2009, the ramp bridge in the background on the left
Ramp bridge
The Dahlemer-Weg-Brücke leads the street Dahlemer Weg between the S-Bahn stations Lichterfelde West and Sundgauer Straße over the S-Bahn ( Wannseebahn ) and Stammbahn . It also bridges the platform of the former horse tram Zehlendorfer Railway (also: Goerzbahn), which makes an arch to the south after the bridge and then runs next to the Dahlemer Weg. A ramp made of four steel bridges with wooden planking (left in the picture), which are placed on concrete platforms and abutments, leads the pedestrian and cycle path that runs next to the main railway line up to the Dahlemer Weg bridge. The ramp, which was built in 1995/96 and has a total length of 40 m, is called the "Dahlemer Weg Bridge" by the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development. [7] [8]
Dam bridge Köpenick
Dam bridge.jpg
The dam bridge is a successor to the first wooden Spree crossing in Berlin-Köpenick, whose existence is documented from the beginning of the 15th century.

The first stone bridge over the Spree at this point was opened to traffic in 1893. After it was blown up in April 1945, the eastern vault was restored by 1950. Steel walkways attached to the side made it possible to widen the bridge to 15 m. A new building was necessary due to increasing damage to the structure. The current bridge was built between 1984 and 1986 as a prestressed concrete bridge west of the previous bridge structure.

Dammwegbrücke Heidekampgraben Plänterwald
Dammwegbrücke Heidekampgraben (Berlin-Plänterwald).jpg
The Dammweg crosses the Heidekampgraben, which forms the border between Neukölln and Plänterwald.
Darßer Bridge Weißensee
Darsser Bruecke Weissensee.JPG
The Darßer Bridge is a pure road bridge in the east of the Pankow district . It was built around 1985 and leads Darßer Straße over Malchower Chaussee, which is a section of Bundesstraße 2 .
Dischingerbrücke Spandau
The Dischinger Bridge leads over the Havel in Berlin-Spandau. It was built in 1956 and named after Franz Dischinger .
Dove Bridge Charlottenburg
Dovebrücke Detail.JPG
The Dovebrücke connects the Cauerstrasse and Dovestrasse via the Landwehr Canal . It was built in 1911 and named after the physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove , director of the Berlin Meteorological Institute since 1848.
Dresselsteg Charlottenburg
The Dresselsteg leads as a pedestrian bridge in a western extension of Dresselstrasse over the A 100 and the ring railway to the corner of Bredtschneiderstrasse and Rognitzstrasse. There is access to the S-Bahn station Messe Nord / ICC from the Dresselsteg . Built between 1913 and 1917, it was called Witzlebensteg from 1918 . In 1950 the footbridge was named after the epigraphist and numismatist Heinrich Dressel . Between 1959 and 1963, five single-span girders with four steel girders were renewed. It has an area of ​​331 m², a length of 75.55 m and a width of 4.4 m. Bridge no .: 724. [9] [10]
Duncker Bridge Prenzlauer Berg
Prenzlauer Berg Dunckerstrassenbruecke 5.JPG
The road bridge is used to cross Dunckerstrasse over the low-lying tracks of the Berlin Ringbahn . It is 45 m long and 22 m wide and has wide footpaths on both sides.

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