From a country on fire - De un país en llamas

From a country on fire
Studio album of Radio Futura
Publication 1985
Recording Doublewtronics Studios, Madrid, December 1983-January 1984. Mixed from February 1 to 10, 1984.
Genders) Rock
Record label Ariola Eurodisc
Radio Futura Chronology
The Law of the Desert / The Law of the Sea
From a country on fire
The song of Juan Perro
Singles from A Country on Fire
  1. "El fool Simón" (two versions, afternoon and early morning )
  2. "The inner city" "
  3. " Do not touch you "
  4. "They have both fallen"

From a country on fire is the third studio album from 1985 by the Spanish musical group Radio Futura . Published by Ariola Eurodisc , the album represents the band's third album. [ 1 ]

At that time, Radio Futura was composed of the brothers Santiago (voice, guitar) and Luis ( bass ) Auserón, along with Enrique Sierra ( solo guitar ), to whom the drummer Carlos Solrac Velázquez was added at this stage of the group , who without However, he would leave the training after the publication of this work.

Background and recording

The year 1984 ends for Radio Futura with the group locked up in a house in the Madrid municipality of El Escorial, demoing their next work in a few weeks. Given that their previous work The Law of the Desert / The Law of the Sea had had a period of no less than three years of preparation, the group was now considering making an album more quickly, in a creative process from which De un country on fire . [ 2 ]

After the confinement to make the demo, already in 1985, they traveled to London with eight songs from which six were taken. In the British capital the definitive recording is completed, with ten songs that, unlike until now, had never been played all together. With the definitive signing with Ariola (although they collaborated with the record company since their previous album, the contract is not signed until this one) and the production of Joe Dworniak and Duncan Bridgeman, who had worked with funk groups such as I Level or Shake Shake , the group seeks a more baroque and elaborate sound ("the first traces of a Hispanic lyric wrapped in international electric sound"), [ 3 ]somehow compensating style somewhat naif of the law ... . [ 4 ] The work is recorded and mixed at The Music Works Studios and Markus Studios between February and March.

The final result is De un País en llamas , an album that has been accused at times of baroque because it is loaded with technological innovations (echoes, metallic blows, noises); sometimes the production is above the work of the group. [ 5 ] Even so, its forceful and dark sound and its mysterious atmosphere, as well as its cryptic lyrics, will give rise to a handful of songs that are among the classics of the group ("El tonto Simón", " No tocarte ", "They have both fallen"). [ 4 ] In fact, Santiago has valued this album as one of his favorites from this first part of the group's career:

From a country on fire represents a more mature moment in our period of reflection on European pop-rock
In The Land of Temptations , 3/7/1998. [ 6 ]

In terms of influences, Anglo-Saxon airs continue to be clearly appreciated in the work ( Talking Heads , Bowie , John Cale ), although songs such as "The fool Simon" or "The wind of Africa" ​​are getting closer to the southern and Latin roots. [ 4 ]


From the album they are taken as singles: «El tonto Simón» (in two versions, one with «The wind of Africa» as side B and the other with two versions of the song itself, retitled "in the afternoon" and "in the morning") , [ 7 ] [ 8 ] "inner city" / a glass of water (to the enemy) " [ 9 ] " Do not touch "(with" hand lines ") [ 10 ] and" Han both fallen »/« On the wings of lies ». [ 11 ] In addition, a single maxi is published (which does not usually appear in the group's official discographies) "for professional use in discos" with four songs: « No tocarte"," The inner city "," In the Chinese "and" The lines of the hand ". [ 12 ]

Business result and tour

Although the album is a bestseller, just like their previous work, perhaps the heterogeneity with respect to the previous work and the group's own problems influence that this year's tour is somewhat shorter and less crowded than the previous one. [ 13 ] In May the San Isidro festivities in Madrid close (the album is released that same month); by then they are, for the critics, the most notable group of national pop . [ 14 ] Curiously, and in view of this concert, there is a small controversy with the organization: the Madrid City CouncilHe presents it in his official holiday information as the live "presentation" of the new album; the band denies it in a letter to the newspaper El País :

Radio Futura [...] does not wish to make any pompous presentation of the new material, [...] reserving for later the realization of a complete exposition of its new songs before the Madrid public, to which it is united by a particular level of understanding , and that the group has a special interest in preserving from any confusion. The group wants to avoid any excess of forced significance around its work and regrets that the boom style , typical of the traditional spectacle, tends to become general around rock , which is an art that should remain at the level of the street . [ 15 ]

Formation break

The recording of De un País ... would also bring tensions between the training components, which would result in the production team working autonomously. The album has served to reaffirm them to the public but also raises the need to professionalize to the fullest. In addition to this, the tensions over the artistic direction that the group was taking ended up leading to the abandonment of the drummer group, Solrac .

Songs list

Face A
N.º Title Duration
1. " Do not touch you " 4:29
2. "The inner city" 4:30
3. "Silly Simon" 5:12
4. "On the wings of lies" 5:07
5. "The wind of Africa" 3:32
Side B
N.º Title Duration
6. "In Chino" 3:43
7. "The lines of the hand" 4:26
8. "They have both fallen" 4:10
9. "A glass of water (to the enemy)" 3:57
10. "Life on the border" 5:42

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