Deck8 - Deck8

Deck8 is a Dortmund-based music label that is best known for the releases of Main Concept and Lee Buddah .

Originating from the underground of the German scene in the mid-1990s, Deck8 was able to make a name for itself throughout Germany with the first releases of Main Concept (for example Coole Scheiße or Plan 58 ). In-scene media and fans have always attached special importance to the label for its longstanding work, but this weakened in the early 2000s, which ultimately drove Deck8 to ruin in 2001. A year later, Deck8 was able to resume production through a collaboration with the major label BMG / Zomba. In addition, there was the sub-label Decktronics, which should enable the former hip-hop record company to publish in the rock and electronic sectors.

Other well-known releases include Pottmüree vom Dike , 1999 ... Von Front by DCS and The Smart Blip Experience by Waxolutionists .



  • Decks'n'Mics II (2001) - A label-wide project on which Germany-wide hip-hop greats of the 90s are represented
  • Instrumental Surgery 0.01 (2002) - A sampler with experimental hip-hop, originating from DJ Marius No.1 or Too Strong , among others
  • Ladies First (2002) - A sampler that summarized the women's presence in German hip hop