Deposit (Archives) - Depositum (Archivwesen)

Documents or objects that have been deposited by private individuals or institutions in an archive or museum are referred to as deposits ( Latin for "deposited") . These can only be stored there, but they can also be accessed . In contrast to gifts or takeovers, there is no transfer of ownership .

In deposit contracts, agreements are made on the options for use by archive visitors (e.g. blocking periods ). Related work of the archive or the museum as development work and for conservatory measures make sense on the dates of the placement addition, archivists and conservators to making sure the deposit after a certain time or after the death of Depositalgebers passes into the ownership of their own institution. It has also become customary to stipulate that when a deposit is taken back, the costs incurred by the archive or museum during the period of storage (e.g. for inventory or restoration measures)) must be refunded by the owner.


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