DJK TuSA 06 Düsseldorf - DJK TuSA 06 Düsseldorf

DJK TUSA 06 Düsseldorf
Club logo
Name DJK TUSA 06 e. V. Düsseldorf
Club colors Red White
Founded 1906
Members around 1,500 (2020)
Departments 8
Chairperson Ute Groth

The DJK TUSA 06 e. V. is an association from Düsseldorf and offers its members the following sports: basketball , beach volleyball , popular sports (fitness, gymnastics, children's gymnastics), women's and girls' soccer , soccer , athletics , table tennis and volleyball . [1] The motif of the club's coat of arms takes up the pylon of the nearby Fleher Bridge . The club has a grass field with a running track and jumping pit, an artificial grass field and 4 beach volleyball fields.

DJK stands for German Youth Force .

History of the club

The club's oldest roots go back to 1906, when the Eintracht 06 game club was founded. This was followed in 1908 with Siegfried 08, the gymnastics department of the "Youth Congregation" (JÜKO) at St. Peter (Friedrichstadt) and in 1910 the "Association for Movement Games (VFB) 1910" and the "Gymnastics and (football) sports department ARMINIA" in 1910 to St. Suitbertus (TuSA 1910).

The merger of VFB 1910 and the Eintracht 06 game club to form VFB Eintracht 06 was a first step in “club consolidation”. After the DJK departments Arminia 1910, Rheinfried 08, TuSA 1910, Sportfreunde Flehe had been banned in 1934, the founding meeting of the DJK TuSA 08 - gymnastics and sports club Arminia 08 took place on May 16, 1947.

The DJK TUSA 06 Düsseldorf emerged on January 1, 1978 from a merger of the two “Bilker traditional clubs” VFB Eintracht 06 and DJK TuSA 08 and took over the founding date of “Eintracht”.

In 2006 the DJK TUSA 06 celebrated its 100th anniversary with numerous activities, including a friendly match between the first soccer team and the then regional league team Fortuna Düsseldorf . In the anniversary year, the Friedhelm Kückemanns archive was also created, in which important documents from the club's history were included. [2]

In 2017 Stefanie Hüttermann was appointed head of the beach volleyball youth team at TuSA 06 Düsseldorf. [3] [4] In addition, 6 professional beach volleyball teams are sponsored by TuSA 06 by the sports city of Düsseldorf. [5] The duo Holler / winder was in the same year German champions. [6]

In 2018, the DJK TUSA 06 Düsseldorf decided to set up an internal performance center for girls' and women's football after discussions with the city ​​of Düsseldorf as part of the promotion of the Fortuna Düsseldorf youth performance center did not lead to a solution. [7]

In April 2019, the current president of the club, Ute Groth, submitted her official application for the vacant position of DFB President. [8] [9] The application was officially supported by the DJK Sports Association at the federal level. [10]

Sporting successes

Table tennis

In January 1949 the table tennis department was founded by Matthias Höck. In 1953/54 she was promoted to the Oberliga West , where she played in the line-up of Fritz Siegen, Heinz Lenzen, Walter Lappe, Günter Lappe, Eugen Wissing, Harry Werner and Willi Endres. [11] The descent followed and in 1956 the immediate resurgence. [12] In the 1960s, some great sporting successes came about. As second in the Oberliga West in the 1965/1966 season, the club, then still DJK TuSA 08, qualified as a founding member for the table tennis Bundesliga and provided Eberhard Schölerthe German table tennis champion in the men's singles in 1962, 1966 and 1967. In addition, the club achieved a total of five German championships in the table tennis team championship and three times the German Cup (1964, 1965 and 1966). In 1964, the club was awarded the Victor Barna Prize by the DTTB for its sporting success. [13]

The decline began in 1968 with the departure of Eberhard Schöler to local rivals Borussia Düsseldorf and ultimately led to relegation from the 1st Bundesliga in 1971. In 1974 he was relegated to the district league. In the youth sector, however, some successes have been celebrated again in recent years (2001 TT youth m / f 4-time cup winners).

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Probably the most famous athlete of DJK TUSA 06 is Ralf Jaros , the German triple jump champion in 1984 and 1985.


In the 2008/2009 season, the male team of DJK TUSA 06 became district champion in the Düsseldorf / Neuss basketball district and thus rose again to the district league. The season 2012/2013 ended the men 1 as champions of the district league and rose to the state league. In 2013/2014, TUSA took part in matches for the first time with three men's teams.

The basketball department was established in 1953. The first team rose in the 1957/58 season in the district league. In the season 1961/62 promotion to the regional league, which followed in the following season 1962/63 promotion to the upper league, the top division at the time. The 3rd place in the table achieved in the seasons 1964/65 and 1965/66 entitle them to participate in the final round of the German championship. At the same time, TUSA qualified for the newly founded two-part Bundesliga (BBL) of the German Basketball Federation (DBB). After three seasons, at the end of the 1968/69 season, the TuSA team withdrew from the Bundesliga due to a lack of funds.


  • 1965: DJK master at the 5th National Sports Festival in Düsseldorf
  • 1966: Bronze medal at the FICEP championships in Vienna
  • 1967: WBV cup winner

Soccer (men)

In the 2015/2016 season, the 1st men's team was champions of the district league A, group 1. However, this was not enough for promotion to the district league, as this season a relegation against the winner of group 2 due to the merging of the district leagues in the new season, played and lost.

Soccer (women / girls)

In June 2019, the women's team at TUSA 06 was promoted to the fourth highest class of women, the Niederrheinliga. [14]


The team Tim Holler and Clemens Wickler became German champions in 2017. [15] Svenja Müller from DJK TUSA 06 became U18 beach volleyball European champion in 2018 together with Lea Sophie Kunst from Varel. [16]

Julia Sude and Karla Borger became German champions in September 2019. [17]


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