Double village - Doppeldorf

The Doppeldorf Saint-Santin d'Aveyron in the department of Aveyron and immediately adjacent Saint-Santin-de-Maurs in the department of Cantal (France).

A double village (also: double village, English: double village; French: village double) is a village type of settlement and is formed from two communal communities. Double villages can be found worldwide.


Double villages are communal units:

A distinction can therefore be made between legal units and factual units. Legal units are often formed or divided by amalgamating or separating towns, provinces, etc. This can be done voluntarily, i.e. with the consent of the population, or involuntarily.



A special case is z. E.g. the double village of Saint-Santin d'Aveyron ( Aveyron department ) and Saint-Santin-de-Maurs ( Cantal department ), which has been separated since 1790 , which historically belongs together and also has some common facilities (school, shopping market, formerly the cemetery, etc.) .), but now insist on the independence of each part and market this for tourism . [5] The writer Jean Anglade (* 1915) was inspired by this double village for the novel Un souper de neige (A dinner in the snow) . [6]

France / Spain

La Jonquera in Spain forms a double village with the French Le Perthus . On the Spanish side there is the tax-privileged area Els Límits . This is very popular with French buyers. On October 21, 2010 the largest brothel in Europe with 80 rooms was opened on the Spanish side with sex workers, especially from Romania ; this against the will of the municipal council and the mayor. The building permit was obtained in court. Brothels are banned in France. [7]


Other double villages are proud of the development to double villages and the similarities, such as: B. Petershagen / Eggersdorf [8] or Bröthen / Michalken [9] and point out this special circumstance. [10]

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