EHC Waldkraiburg - EHC Waldkraiburg

EHC Waldkraiburg
Greatest successes

Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga 1985
German regional league champion 1989
Bavarian champion (4th league) 2008, 2016
BEV play-off champion (OL / RL) 2017
Bayernkrug cup winner 2000, 2011

Club information
history VfL Waldkraiburg (founded 1968)
EHC Waldkraiburg (spin-off 1991)
Location Waldkraiburg
Nickname The Lions
Parent club VfL Waldkraiburg
Club colors blue yellow
League Ice Hockey Bayern League
Venue Raiffeisen Arena Waldkraiburg
capacity 2,400 seats
Head coach Alexey & Sergej Piskunov
captain Michael Trox
2019/20 season 5. Place / Pre-PO

The Waldkraiburg ice hockey club is an ice hockey club from Waldkraiburg in the Mühldorf am Inn district and currently takes part in the Bavarian ice hockey league , with the first team of the EHC, as well as the VfL Waldkraiburg, already playing higher class.


Founding of VfL Waldkraiburg

In the winter of 1968/69 the ice hockey department was founded at VfL Waldkraiburg. The founding members and organizers were Heini Hitzenberger from Miesbach , who was also the team's trainer and chairman. The main people interested in the sport at that time were ethnic repatriates from Czechoslovakia , to which a few locals also came. These "ice hockey pioneers" laid the foundation for today's ice hockey in the town of Waldkraiburg.

Since it was founded in 1968, the club has tried to put together a team capable of playing. This only succeeded two seasons later, when VfL was officially admitted to the Bavarian Ice Sports Association for the 1971/72 season . For the 1976/77 season , the club appeared for the first time in higher-class ice hockey in the Regionalliga Süd and played in the major league from 1983/84 . In the following season , the team was promoted to the 2nd Bundesliga , from which the Waldkraiburger withdrew after the sporting league in the summer of 1986 in the Bavarian regional league. After two seasons the team was back inRegionalliga Süd rose and was able to rise again to the Oberliga Süd in the 1989/90 season . In 1991, the ice hockey department split off from the main club and is now active as EHC Waldkraiburg.

Placements from 1971 to 1991

ascent / descent , source: [1] , source: [2]

Relocation to the EHC Waldkraiburg 1991

After the 1991/92 season , the team was relegated to the regional league. In 1994, after the introduction of the German Ice Hockey League, the EHC was reclassified to the 2nd League South . After the introduction of the 2nd Bundesliga in 1998, the team was downgraded to the 2nd League South. After the 1998/99 season , the club withdrew the team to the Bavarian State League, from which, in the summer of 2000, as champions of the league, they were promoted to the Bavarian League - the highest amateur division of the Bavarian Ice Sports Association. At the same time, the lions won the Bayernkrug , the Bavarian ice hockey cup .

Since the 2004/05 season, the EHC Waldkraiburg has been taking part in matches with a second amateur team in addition to the first team. In 2006 the first team won the runner-up title behind the champions Höchstadter ECwho renounced promotion, and thus at the same time the athletic qualification for promotion to the top division. However, the EHC Waldkraiburg did not take advantage of this opportunity for advancement due to the disproportionate financial burden of a Germany-wide single-track league. In the 2007/08 season, the EHC Waldkraiburg won the Bavarian championship. Also for financial reasons, the club waived in December 2007 the opportunity of promotion to the league, which was achieved as a champion. In terms of sport, the team missed the promotion round in the 2008/09 season and ended the season prematurely with 10th place after the preliminary round. After 2010 the team from the Bavarian League to the newly designed Bavarian South / West regional league.was relegated, managed to win the group in this division - but the team lost in the playoff semifinals against EHC 80 Nuremberg and thus missed the immediate promotion to the Bayern League. By winning the game for third place in the regional league championship against the team from EA Schongau, there is still a chance to be the first to move up to the Bayern league. Due to ESV Waldkirchen's waiver of promotion , EHC Waldkraiburg is the second promoted player and will play BEL in the 2011/12 season. In 2016 the EHC Waldkraiburg won the 3rd Bavarian Championship and was also able to qualify for the Oberliga 2016/17. 2016/17the EHC won the first BEV playoff championship played between the Oberliga Süd and the Bayernliga .

Placements from 1992 until today

ascent / descent , source: [3] , source: [4] source: [5]


  • Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1985
  • Promotion to the 2nd ice hockey league in 1994
  • Promotion to the league in 1983 , 1990 , 2016
  • BEV Play-Off Meister (OL/RL) 2017
  • German regional league champion 1989
  • Vice-champion Regionalliga-Süd 1983 , 1990
  • Vice-champion Regionalliga-Süd / B 1994
  • Bavarian champions (4th league) 2008, 2016
  • Bavarian runner-up (4th division) 2006
  • Promotion to the Regionalliga (BYL) 2002 , 2011


The EHC Waldkraiburg plays its home games in the municipal artificial ice stadium. It has a capacity of 3,500 spectators, of which there are 3,000 seats. The stadium was built in 1971 as an open artificial ice rink and covered in 1975. The operator is Stadtwerke Waldkraiburg GmbH .


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Coordinates: 48 ° 13 ′ 18.1 ″ N , 12 ° 23 ′ 55.5 ″ E