Energy Munich - Energy München

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Energy Munich
Radio station ( private )
Programmtyp CHR
reception analog terrestrial , cable , digital
Reception area Greater Munich area (FM, DAB +)
Send start January 1, 1994
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Energy München is a private radio broadcaster for Munich and the surrounding area and belongs to the French NRJ Group . The Munich local radio was founded in 1984 as one of the first cable channel radio stations under the name Radio Xanadu and broadcast on its own frequency from 1988. In 1991 the shareholders signed Thomas Gottschalk , who had migrated from Bavaria 3as program director, who also took over the morning broadcast for a while. The concept has been completely revised. Under the new name Radio Xanadu Classic Rock, only rock music was played, no pop and no German-language music. There were also sophisticated editorial contributions and talk shows. However, commercial success failed to materialize. As a result, the majority shares were sold to the NRJ Group in 1994.

Energy can be received in Munich and the surrounding area on DAB channel 11C and the FM frequency 93.3 MHz, and in all of Upper Bavaria via cable.

The comedian duo Erkan & Stefan had their first media appearances with a comedy show at Energy Munich. [1] [2] Even Michael Herbig had with the mission Langemann and the morning crew a radio show at the transmitter. [3]

The station has had its headquarters in the Lehel district since it was founded. The first broadcast from the new studios at Schwabinger Tor took place on July 11, 2019. [4]

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