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General information
Genre(s) Indie, Pop, Folk
founding 2007
Website http://www.ennobunger.de/
Current occupation
Singing, piano
Enno Bunger
Nils Dietrich
former members
Bernd Frikke (2007–2013)

Enno Bunger (born November 27, 1986 in Leer (East Friesland) ) is a German-speaking singer / songwriter , singer, pianist , composer and producer . A characteristic feature of his songs are melancholy lyrics, musically they are characterized by a mixture of indie, pop, folk, electronica and rap. The sound is largely shaped by the piano . His concerts are also characterized by ironic and cabaret interludes. [1]


Originally working as a bar pianist and organist [2] , Enno Bunger began writing his own German-language songs after graduating from high school in 2006. In 2007 the solo project of the singer / songwriter and pianist with Bernd Frikke as bassist and Nils Dietrich on drums became a permanent trio.

Enno Bunger has played more than 450 concerts to date [3] in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands and opened for Jamie Cullum , Travis and Gisbert zu Knyphausen , among others . Through the tireless touring, the record company PIAS Germany became aware of Enno Bunger at the end of 2008 . Half a year later the band was in the Mohrmann Studio in Bochum to produce the first album together with producer Oliver Zülch (including Die Ärzte , Sportfreunde Stiller , The Notwist ).

Was released a bit more heart on February 19, 2010 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The debut album was consistently rated very positively in many important music magazines. The radio stations NDR2 , N-Joy , Bremen4, Eins Live, MDR Sputnik , Radio Fritz and FM4 Austria played the singles Herzschlag , Hier & Jetzt and A little more heart . One of the highlights was the invitation to the ARD late night program “ Inas Nacht ” by Ina Müller , in which Enno Bunger played the song Pass auf Dich auf Dich .

On March 9, 2012, the concept album was released with the name Wir sind über , digital and on CD via PIAS Germany . The work, which was influenced by Franz Schubert's Winterreise , among others, contains ten autobiographical pieces in which the end of a long-term relationship was processed. It was recorded in the Radio Buellebrueck studio with producer Tobias Siebert (including Kettcar , Me and My Drummer , July ). In addition to the usual instrumentation of piano, bass and drums, there were also trombones, horns and dulcimer, Bicycle spoke, harmonium, Rhodes and an 18-piece chamber choir paved the way for the album. As a singing guest for the eighth song of the album, I want to stay still, the night is still young , was Alin Coen invited.

Shortly before the album was released, the trio was invited to TV Noir / ZDF.kultur . The videos of the performance received more than two million views on YouTube. Regen was voted the most popular song in a poll on the format's Facebook page, and ended up as the opening track on the compilation 5 Years TV Noir .

In March 2013 there was one last tour in the founding formation. Since April 2013, the name “Enno Bunger” has again been a solo project. The concerts are played in different line-ups, but mostly still with drummer Nils Dietrich and a new band called Woods of Birnam , consisting of actor Christian Friedel and members of the band Polarkreis 18 [4] .

On October 8, 2015, the third album Fluid Luck was released on CD, vinyl and digitally via PIAS Germany. The album debuted at number 62 on the album charts. [5] It is the first album since the band split up. In addition to the well-known mixture of indie, folk and singer / songwriter, Bunger experimented for the first time with electronica, trap, post-trance and rap for this album; the latter can be heard in his first political and socially critical song "Where are the complaints", which deals with the NSU , racism and right-wing violence , among other things . [6] The song was in 2016 for the Hamburg Music Prize HANS nominated for song of the year.[7]

On July 25, 2019, Bunger's fourth album, What touches, that stays . The tour of the same name, comprising over 20 concerts, started in November 2019 and will continue in 2020. [8th]


Chart positions
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Albums [9]
What touches stays
FROM 30 02.08.2019 (1 week)
  • 2008: With big steps (limited EP / self-distribution)
  • 2009: Herzschlag (Single-EP / PIAS Germany)
  • 2010: A little more heart (Album - CD, Digital & Vinyl / PIAS Germany)
  • 2010: Here & Now (Single digital / PIAS Germany)
  • 2012: We're Over (Album - CD, Digital & Vinyl / PIAS Germany)
  • 2015: Liquid Luck (Album - CD, Digital & Vinyl / PIAS Germany)
  • 2019: What touches, that stays (Album - CD, Digital & Vinyl / Columbia Records) [10]

more publishments

  • 2012: "40 Hamburger Küchensessions Sampler # 1": CD2, Track 8 "I want to stay, the night is still young (live, solo)" (Hanseklang)
  • 2013: "Once Upon A Time And If You Don't - Songwriters Read Grimm": "The Wolf And The Fox" (Fressmann record company)
  • 2013: 5 years of TV Noir: CD1, Track 1: "Rain, live at TVnoir" (Rent A Record / Edel)

Cover versions

On the debut album of the band Gloria by Mark Tavassol and presenter Klaas Heufer-Umlauf there is a cover of Regen . The daily mirrorwrites: "One of the highlights of the album is the anthemic, quickly addictive 'rain'." (...) "When you close your eyes, the rain sounds like applause," it says again and again. “The piece is a cover of the north German indie pop band Enno Bunger, which has been delivering fabulous performances for seven years now, but which is unfairly ignored by the public. That is the immense advantage when the musician of a well-known band and an even more prominent television person make music together: You don't have to worry about not being heard at all. They have one shot free, says Tavassol. "


Musikexpress / April 2012 edition (4.5 stars): “(...) Nevertheless, this album is a lot less sentimental than the two-year-old debut, a lot less unimportant and just a lot better. Also because Bunger's piano no longer dreams to itself, but rather sets a staccato, impatient rhythm underlaid by an electronic flutter, which sometimes develops such a rousing groove that it even reminds of the great colleagues from Kante. "Thomas Winkler / Music Express

GetAddicted.org [11] / Oliver Uschmann : “'We are over' is a concept album, and a really good one too. The atmosphere is denser and warmer than an angora sweater and anyone who has been through something similar in life will hate these songs for how much they love them. Few young men stage their topic so broadly, so instrumentally lavishly, so uncompromisingly completely. Enno Bunger's job as a church organist may play a role in this. And the freedom that it gives him as an artist to have a job without being a hit. (...) Seldom has anyone set the end of a relationship to music in such a varied and engaging manner. "


In June 2014 Enno Bunger was the personal bar pianist of the Limp Bizkit group. [12]


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