Hot school - Escuela de calor

"Hot school"
Radio Futura single from
the album The Law of the Desert / The Law of the Sea
Recording 1984
Genders) Dance-rock
Funk rock
Pop rock
Duration 3:31
Record label Ariola
Author (s) Santiago Auserón , Enrique Sierra
" Dance you "
"School of heat"
" Black Seed "

"Escuela de calor" is a song by the Spanish pop-rock group Radio Futura , included in their second studio album La ley del desert / La ley del mar .


The song is the culmination of the band's artistic turn that had begun two years earlier with the release of the single La Statue del Jardin Botanico . It combines African American elements with the funky sound .

This is one of the group's most popular songs, remembered both for its African rhythm on drums and for the plucking of guitarist Enrique Sierra . [ 1 ]

According to Auserón's statements:

With "Escuela de calor" I wanted to put Spanish into an Afro-American rhythm . At that time we played with an almost punk drive, but we wanted it to have a funk subdivision. And between punk and funk we wanted Spanish to express itself freely
Santiago Auserón in Rolling Stone. [ 2 ]

The single reached number seven on the bestseller list and was subsequently released in a maxi-single format , also including the instrumental version of the song and on the B side the songs An African on the Gran Vía and Dub .

It was released again as a single in 1989, in the live version included on the album Escueladecalor. The direct of Radio Futura .

The theme was re-recorded by the group, accentuating the funky influence for the album Tierra para baile (1992). It was renamed The School of Heat and was released again as a single.

The issue has been rated by the magazine Rolling Stone at number 8 of the top 200 songs of Spanish pop-rock, according to the ranking published in 2010. [ 3 ]


The cover of the single reproduces an arm holding a bow with an arrow pointing to the Carrión Building .


The song was covered by El Canto de Loco for the tribute album to Radio Futura Arde Street , published in 2004. [ 4 ]


A video clip of Escuela de Calor would be made. It would be carried out as part of a project of the television program La age de oro by Paloma Chamorro , which provided the means for the band itself to do it, being one of the first in Spanish music. [ 5 ]

The video clip takes place in a dark environment where the members of the group, elegantly disguised as nightclub staff, wait for unsuspecting clients to arrive at this "heat school", with malicious intentions.

In popular culture

The song is included in the soundtrack of the video game Guitar Hero World Tour (2008). [ 6 ]

In 2013, a musical show evoking songs from the 1980s was premiered, starring Paula Sebastián and Naím Thomas, which takes the name of the song as its title . [ 7 ] [ 8 ]

In 2015, the Mexican writer Fabrizio Mejía Madrid presented a book entitled Arde la calle, which includes chronicles about the 80s and whose theme is inspired by the Radio Futura song.

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