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EV Regensburg
EV Regensburg
Greatest successes

Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga 1978 , 2001
Master Oberliga Süd 2001 , 2016 , 2020
Promotion to the Oberliga (2nd division) 1971
German Junior Champion 2012
DEB-Pokal semi-finalist 2006

Club information
story EV Regensburg (1962–2001)
Eisbären Regensburg (2001–2008)
EV Regensburg (2008–2017)
Eisbären Regensburg (since 2017)
Location Regensburg
Parent club Ice sports club Regensburg e. V.
Club colors red , white
League Ice hockey league
Venue Danube Arena
capacity 4,863 seats (including 3,000 seats)
Head coach Max Kaltenhauser
2019/20 season Champion Oberliga-Süd

The Eissportverein Regensburg e. V. (EV Regensburg) is a club from Regensburg that is best known for its ice hockey department. The 1st team was spun off from 2001 to 2008 in the "EVR Eisbären Betriebs GmbH" and returned to the parent club after the insolvency of the GmbH. Since 2010 she has been playing in the Oberliga Süd. In the summer of 2015, the first team was again outsourced to a GmbH. Since the 2017/2018 season the first team has been running again under the name "Eisbären Regensburg".


1965–1972: time of ascent

Ice hockey was already played in Regensburg in the 1930s. The first ice hockey game in Regensburg between SV Donaustauf and the Regensburg rowing club was played on January 29, 1933, which the Donaustaufers won 8: 3. However, it was not until 1962 that the Regensburg ice sports club was founded. The Hockey Division was created in 1964 from the Hockey Department of Regensburg Turnerschaft, which in turn already 1950/51 on the northern Bavarian Hockey Championship [1] and secured since 1953 participated in the regulated gaming operations. [2]Under the umbrella of EV Regensburg, the team first took part in the District League East in 1965/66. Together with SC Pfettrach, the team was promoted to the Landesliga Nord after just one year. Initially, the club was in competition with the suburb club SV Donaustauf, which had prevailed up until then, but in 1968 it was merged to form EV Regensburg-Donaustauf. [3] [4] Already in the following season promotion to the Regionalliga Süd could be achieved and the addition Donaustauf was deleted from the club name. This also meant the end of the 36-year ice hockey history of the Donaustaufer. In the regional league, traditional teams like EV Ravensburg were played for the first timeor the VER Selb . In the 1969/70 season, the EV Regensburg completed the main round of the Regionalliga first, but failed in the promotion round. A year later they were able to prevail in the promotion round and rose in 1971 to the then second highest division, the single-track league. Teams like Mannheimer ERC , Berliner SC or EV Rosenheim stopped the sporting upward trend of the EVR, which lost these games high.

1972–1980: The path to the new 2nd Bundesliga

After that, the EV Regensburg was able to establish itself in the upper league, but not least through the introduction of the new 2nd Bundesliga, which made the upper league third class from 1973. In these very successful years in terms of sport, however, the team was denied promotion, and again and again they only narrowly failed to make it into the 2nd Bundesliga. [4] Up to 6,000 spectators came to the derbies against TSV Straubing or Deggendorfer SC in the stadium on the Nibelungen Bridge. [4] During the 1972/73 season, a championship game was against EHC 70 Munichcanceled in front of over 3,000 spectators at the score of 2: 5 due to spectator riots. In the 1977/78 season, the EV Regensburg finished first in the Oberliga main round, was also able to prevail in the championship round and finally achieved promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1978 in the promotion round with second place. With ninth place out of eleven teams, the season goal relegation in the single-track 2nd division was achieved in 1979, a year later, however, the EVR took last place and also withdrew voluntarily in 1980 to the Regionalliga Süd. [4]

1981–1990: Long-term home Oberliga Süd

older EVR logo

As early as the 1981/82 season, the EV Regensburg made it to the third-class Oberliga Süd, which will be the home of the EVR for the next six yearsshould be. The promotion round, which was interlinked with the 2nd division, was regularly achieved, but the teams from the 2nd Bundesliga proved to be too strong, so that the chances of getting a promotion place were mostly destroyed early on. In addition, limited opportunities played a role because of the open-air stadium at the Nibelungen Bridge. While in the ice hockey strongholds roofed halls could be used for a long time, in Regensburg an early start of training was still dependent on the weather conditions. In the 1987/88 season, the EV Regensburg was only able to complete the main round of the Oberliga Süd in twelfth place and was therefore in the relegation round. Since there was no success here either, the team was relegated to the Regionalliga Süd.

1991–2000: A new era

Although all sporting goals were achieved in the early 1990s, financial problems could not be avoided. Before the 1991/92 season, the DEB initially refused to grant the license, but then agreed to the objection. Despite a crowd average that was above expectations, bankruptcy had to be filed during the season. The club's 1b team, which had just been promoted to the Bayern League, continued to play as the first team from 1992/93. [4] With a force until today Bayern league record of 36: 0 points (18 wins, 0 draws, 0 defeats) was under coach Vladimir Reshetnikov achieved promotion to the Regionalliga Süd. With the introduction of the DELIn 1994 the DEB introduced the third-class 2nd League South, which from then on belonged to EV Regensburg. In the 1994/95 season, the EVR team turned a 5: 7 deficit at arch rivals ERC Ingolstadt in the last four minutes of the game and won 9: 7 - the only away win against the Panthers to date . [6] Since the 1997/98 season, the first team was called polar bears Regensburg. [4] This season with the championship was the second league and the rise achieved in the first second-class league South, from the already the year after that, due to the introduction of a new single-track 2. Bundesliga below the DEL, the third-rate league South emerged. In 1999 the polar bears movedto the now completed new venue Donau-Arena .

2000–2008: Moving into the second class and leaving the GmbH

The 2000/01 season went down as one of the most successful in the history of the club. With the 4-2 victory in the decisive play-off game against EV Duisburg , the Eisbären advanced to the 2nd Bundesliga. In summer 2001 the professional team was outsourced to EVR Eisbären Betriebs GmbH , which participated in the 2nd Bundesliga until the 2007/08 season. Due to a constant increase in sponsors and spectators, it was able to compete seriously with football, SSV Jahn Regensburg, claim. 2005 saw the polar bears look back on the most successful season in the club's history after the team finished the season in third place. In the semi-finals of the play-offs, however, the promotion dreams burst. In the following year, this success could almost be repeated, before the end in the quarterfinals against arch rivals Straubing Tigers ushered in a turning point in sporting success. In the 2006/07 season , the Eisbären only barely reached the play-offs, were eliminated in the quarter-finals against the Kassel Huskies and had to fear for a license for the next season for a long time. For licensing by ESBGa guarantee of 75,000 euros was missing, which was finally made available by a sponsor of the Regionalliga-Süd- promoter SSV Jahn Regensburg. [7] In turn, the logo of the SSV Jahn graced during the 2007/08 season, the first time a bully circle in the Donau-Arena , the home of the polar bears.

In the 2007/08 season, the polar bears under newcomer Wayne Hynes had to face the relegation battle for the first time since 2002, but were able to secure early relegation due to a point-rich final sprint with new coach Igor Pavlov. Despite the sporty happy ending, EVR Eisbären Betriebs GmbH had to file for insolvency on April 14, 2008 and withdrew from playing in the 2nd Bundesliga. [8th]

The club EV Regensburg continued the game operation after the outsourcing with the amateur team, which participated in the Bavarian regional league since the 2003/04 season. This team reached the qualifying rounds for the championship playoffs in the 2003/04 and 2004/05 seasons, but they were not reached. From the 2004/05 season, the team could only hold the league over the relegation round. This team became the first team after the insolvency of EVR Eisbären Betriebs GmbH, which started in the fifth-class Landesliga Nord in the following season.

New start: marching through to the top league by 2015

The “Durchmarsch in die Oberliga” (DIDO) campaign launched by the parent club was able to spark so much new euphoria that 955 season tickets were sold by the start of the season. From a sporting point of view, the declared goal was to go straight to the Bayern League , followed by a move into the Oberliga [9] and the associated return to professional ice hockey. [10] The permitted in the national league professional place in the squad was occupied on 14 January 2009 with the Canadian Dustin Hughes, who in the preseason for Passau Black Hawkswent hunting for points in the league. But after three games he injured his eye so badly that he started his journey home. The euphoria sparked by the restart was particularly evident in the last two home games, each with over 4000 spectators. On February 20, 2009, 4961 spectators watched the game against EV Weiden - so the game was sold out. [11] On 1 March 2009 succeeded in the deciding game before 4,086 spectators with a 4: 2 victory against EV Lindau promotion to the Bavarian League.

For the 2009/10 season, the club was able to sell over 1,100 season tickets before the start of the season, thus exceeding the sales figures from the previous year. [12] After the main and second round they moved almost into the playoff semi-finals and failed in the third and decisive game of the series on VER Selb . Against EC Pfaffenhofen they managed to reach third place in the first and second leg, which entitled them to move up into the ice hockey league. After the reform of the leagues, the EV Regensburg took the chance to move up, as the TEV Miesbach renounced the promotion. [13]

Since the promotion to the Oberliga Süd, the sporting management has tried to continue the Regensburger model for Regensburg , with which they had already started in the regional league, and in this way to integrate the successful youngsters into the men's team. Supplemented by a few more experienced players, a team could be formed that reached eighth place and thus the playoff round of 16 in the first year after promotion. Although one was subject to the main round leader EC Bad Tölzclear in four games, but managed to avoid relegation early and thus the season goal. In the following season 2011/12, the team fell short of expectations during the main round, but surprisingly prevailed in the playoff round of 16 against the first-placed EC Peiting and was only defeated by EV Duisburg in the quarter-finals . Despite the conciliatory end to the season for the fans, the average attendance was the lowest since the 1998/99 season and thus the lowest since the Donau-Arena was founded. In the following season, regardless of the clearly better results, the audience was only marginally more popular. The play-off series against the was particularly poorly attendedEHC Klostersee , which was clearly lost despite the home right won in the main round. In addition, the significantly lower sponsorship income after the end of the season caused again financial problems, in which three board members resigned and new elections were necessary. [14] During the 2013/14 season the debt reduction made good progress, but until then athletic disappointing results led to the leave of absence of the coach Rob Leask on February 4, 2014. [15] [16] On April 1, 2014 was Doug Irwin as new coach of EV Regensburg for the 2014/2015 season, who was employed by EHC Klostersee in the previous four seasons. [17]

Since 2015: Another outsourcing

At the Annual General Meeting on June 24, 2015, the majority of the members present approved the renewed outsourcing of the first EVR team to EVR Ice Hockey GmbH on July 1, 2015. In addition to his function as a board member of the EVR, Ivo Stellmann-Zidek takes over the GmbH as sole shareholder - with the consent of the members. [18] [19] [20] [21] In the 2015/16 season, the team developed into one of the biggest aspirants for promotion after the main round, in which a winning streak of 30 games could be achieved, with a 28 point lead finished in second place. In the semi-finals of the playoffs, however, she was defeated by the runner-up EHC Bayreuthin four games. In the following season, the first team moved into the league playoffs as third in the main round, but lost in four games to ERC Sonthofen in the round of 16 .

From the 2017/18 season, the first team ran again under the name Eisbären Regensburg. The shareholders appointed Stefan Liebergesell, who was only 23 years old, as managing director. He had previously worked as a press and stadium spokesman. The former German national ice hockey goalkeeper Joseph Heiss was presented as head coach . Liebergesell was dismissed in November 2017 and the partner Christian Sommerer was appointed as the new managing director. In January 2018, the dismissal of head coach Heiß followed, and Igor Pavlov , who had already been a polar bear trainer in 2008, was presented as his successor .


  • Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga 1978 , 2001
  • 2nd ice hockey Bundesliga 3rd place 2005
  • DEB Cup semi-finalist 2006
  • Promotion to the Oberliga (2nd division) in 1971
  • German Oberliga runner-up in 1975 , 1978
  • Champion Oberliga Süd 1978 , 2001 , 2016 , 2020
  • Vice champion Oberliga Süd 1977 , 2000
  • Promotion to the 1st ice hockey league in 1998
  • Runner-up in the 2nd ice hockey league in 1998
  • Champion of the 2nd ice hockey league south in 1998
  • Promotion to the league in 1982 , 1989 , 2010
  • German regional league champion 1982
  • German regional league runner-up (3rd league) 1970
  • Champion Regionalliga Süd (3rd division) 1970 , 1982
  • Vice-champion Regionalliga Süd (3rd division) 1971
  • Promotion to the Regionalliga (3rd division) 1968 , 1993
  • Vice-champion Regionalliga Süd 1989
  • Promotion to the Regional League (BYL) in 2009
  • Bavarian runner-up (4th division) 1968
  • North Bavarian champion (4th division) 1968
  • Bavarian runner-up 1993 [22]
  • Champion Bayernliga Group II 1993 [23]
  • Bavarian regional league runner-up in 2009
  • Promotion to the Bavarian State League (4th division) in 1966
  • "EVR-1b" Meister Landesliga-Nord 1985, 2001, BBzL-Nord 2012
  • Bayernkrug Cup Final 2009


Significant past teams

Major league championship 2000/01

With 101 points from 44 games and ten points ahead at the end of the main round of the 2000/01 season , the team took first place and finally prevailed in the play-offs. Together with the Oberliga championship, this meant promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga .

Germany Rainhard Haider Germany Martin Brunner
Germany Jan Schinkohe Germany Ronny Martin Germany Christian Martin Czech Republic Karel Beran
Germany Alexander Herdt Germany Richard Carpenter Germany Andreas Palenta Germany Alexander Dotzler
German-Czech Jiří Lála German-Czech Petr Fical German-Czech David Čermák Canada Layne Roland
Slovakia Miroslav Lazo Canada Tobin Holiday Germany Florian Curth Czech Republic Zdeněk Eichenmann
Germany Andreas Naumann German-Czech Petr Hruby Belarus Andrej Michaljou Germany Enrico Kock
Germany Martin Schweiger Germany Sebastian Aukofer Germany Martin Ritter
Czech Jiří Ehrenberger (Chef-Trainer)

Promotion team 1977/78

With 54 points from 32 games in the main and championship round, EV Regensburg moved into the promotion round to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1978. In the duels against the RSC Bremerhaven , the EHC Essen and the Deggendorfer EC , the later promoters achieved three wins and one draw. Despite two defeats, this was enough to take second place in the group of four and move up to the 2nd Bundesliga.

Germany Josef Köpf Germany Gerhard Frank Germany Kurt Martin
Germany Martin Kronberger Germany Helmut Hans Germany Rudolf Eberhardt Germany Helmut student
Finland Jouni Samuli Canada Dave Lavallee Germany Hubert Blumenröther Germany Werner Hännl
Germany Eckhard Schindler Germany Norbert Pfeiffer Germany Max Lang Germany Günther Dörfler
Germany Günther Falter Germany Wolfgang Glaser Germany Siegfried Sauerer Germany Wolfgang Rösner
FinlandJouni Samuli (Spielertrainer) GermanyKurt Nuhs (head coach)

Well-known former players

Name In Regensburg from to Current club
Petr Fical 2000–2001, 2012–2015 End of career
Thomas Daffner 2008–2012 End of career
Martin Ančička 1997–1999, 2002–2006, 2011–2013 End of career
Marián Bažány 2002–2005 End of career
Clayton Young 2002–2003 End of career
Jiří Lála 2000–2002 End of career
Sergei Schendelew 2002–2004 End of career

Other well-known players:

Record player

space player Points When
1. Mike Martens 593 1993–1997
2. Tom St. James 548 1988–1992
3. Jason Phillips 452 1993–1996
4. Martin Ančička 434 1997–1999
5. Günther Dörfler 419 1976–1992
Top goal scorers
space player Tore When
1. Mike Martens 273 1993–1997
2. Jason Phillips 268 1993–1996
3. Tom St. James 221 1988–1992
4. Bob Crawford 202 1989–1992
5. Günther Dörfler 194 1976–1992
Most stakes
space player Calls When
1. Günther Dörfler 579 1976–1992
2. Armin Mühlhofer 447 1983–1996
3. Enrico Kock 427 1999–2006
4. Gerhard Frank 424 1965–1989
5. Andreas Dörfler 405 2001–2006
Penalty minutes
space player Penalty minutes When
1. Martin Ančička 509 1997–1999
2. Günther Dörfler 463 1976–1992
3. Bogdan Selea 461 2001–2007
4. Martin Kronberger 458 1975–1980
5. Alexander Herdt 338 1997–2002


Ice stadium at the Nibelungen Bridge

The open ice rink on the Nibelungen Bridge was opened in November 1964. For the inauguration, EV Landshut played a friendly game against EC Kitzbühel on December 20, 1964, which ended 3: 4. With standing room only, it initially held over 6,000 spectators. [24] For security reasons, however, more and more ranks were later blocked, so that the capacity continued to decrease over the years. Especially from 1974 onwards there were repeated plans for a roof or the construction of a hall. [24] However, these could not be realized until 1995, when the new construction of the Danube Arena was announced. Especially the monument protectionrepeatedly prevented subsequent roofing of the stadium, as the roof would block the view of the cathedral and thus negatively affect the cityscape. During the 1978/79 season there was even a date for the groundbreaking of a new building, but three days before the government of the Upper Palatinate asked the city to withdraw the building permit that had already been granted. A year later, the stadium, which until then belonged to EV Regensburg, was sold to the city in order to compensate for financial deficits that had been accumulated, among other things, by the use of external ice rinks due to the weather conditions.

A special feature in the Old Ice Stadium , as the parking lot created there after the demolition is called, was above all the scoreboard, which was built by fans and during ice hockey games the playing time did not count up, as was common in Europe at the time, but down. The venue was demolished immediately after it was closed.

Danube Arena

After long discussions, the groundbreaking ceremony for the polar bears' new domicile took place in 1997. The Danube Arena , designed as a multifunctional hall , finally opened its doors in 1999 and has served as the home of EV Regensburg ever since. With a capacity of 4,863 spectators, including 2,991 seats, the Danube Arena is sufficiently dimensioned for the time being. [25] In addition to the main hall, a secondary or training hall was built. For example, it is possible to keep training operations going even if non-sporting events are taking place in the main hall.

Club culture

Fans and rivalries

With Rot Weiß and Eisbärnpower there are two official fan clubs that were founded in 1982 and 2001 respectively. The currently leading groups in the active fan scene are Red Power Regensburg and Northside Fanatics.

Due to the relatively high density of ice hockey clubs in Upper Palatinate and Lower Bavaria , the EVR has always had many derby-like encounters. The fan rivalry is therefore great, especially in the games against the Straubing Tigers , ERC Ingolstadt or EV Landshut, which are always crowded . The derbies against Straubing, in particular, attracted up to 6,000 spectators to the former ice rink on the Nibelungen Bridge decades ago . [24] Although these games are already the biggest derbies, the clashes with the 1st EV Weiden , theERSC Amberg and the Deggendorfer EC regularly for explosiveness. Even if geographically not a derby, the games against ETC Crimmitschau in particular were among those in the recent past that had a full hall and predominantly vocal arguments between the fans. This is mainly due to the fact that around the turn of the millennium both clubs fought a sporty head-to-head race in the major league ( 1998/1999 to 2000/01 ) and the 2nd Bundesliga for a long time . Since the promotion to the Bayern League in 2009, there has been a similar phenomenon with the VER Selb .

For a long time now, the people of Regensburg have also been friends with fans of EV Duisburg , Braunlager EHC / Harz and EC Bad Nauheim . There is also a friendship with the fans of the ERC Regen.

For many years, EV Regensburg was regarded as a spectator curiosity . This term is rarely used nowadays [26] , but after the financial collapse in 2008, an average of almost 2,000 spectators in the fifth-class Landesliga Nord again showed that the Regensburg team rightly received this nickname from many ice hockey fans from Germany .

Media and partnerships

In addition to the well-known ice hockey portals on the Internet, the Mittelbayerische Zeitung , the Wochenblatt, Blizz-Aktuell, and the local television broadcaster TVA , which broadcast an EVR game live for the fourth time in the 2010/11 season, report on EV Regensburg [27] . Furthermore, the regional radio station Gong FM broadcasts the EVR games live in excerpts.

Youngsters and women

Placement of the youth teams 2016/17
team League Preliminary round Championship round Playoffs
youth DNL 5th place (group B) 2nd place (group blue) Qualification for VF
student BL South 3rd place (group A) 3rd place VF
Boys LKA 3 6th place 6th place --
Junior students MK A 6th place 4th Place --

Five junior teams (youngsters to youth) and one women's team are registered for play. Youth and schoolchildren each play in the top division, while the women took part in the national league last season. In 2014, EV Regensburg received the Green Belt award from the DOSB for its outstanding work with young talent. [28]


The full-time trainer of the youth team is Stefan Schnabl. The team has been playing in the DNL since the 2012/13 season . In the previous years, participation in the DNL was sought again and again. First of all, the promotion had to be foregone in 2009 for financial reasons, before they narrowly failed in the promotion round in 2011. It was not until 2012 that promotion was achieved, due to which the team in the "Juniors" age group was no longer reported to play. With Jim Setters, a second full-time young trainer has been active since 2016.

  • German Junior Champion 2012
  • German youth champion 2012


The student team takes part in the top division, the Bundesliga South. She was able to qualify for the championship round for the first time in the 2011/12 season, after relegation was only achieved via the relegation round in previous years.


EV Regensburg has been organizing the international bambini tournament every year since 1974 . It is considered one of the most important tournaments in this age group. While only German teams took part in the first two years, foreign teams played for the first time in 1976 with the Wiener EV (AUT), Cortina Doria (ITA) and the Smoke Eaters Geleen (NED). At first, the tournament was dominated by EV Landshut for a long time until 1979, when the Baden Reps from Canada won another team for the first time. In the period that followed, it was mostly the foreign teams who made the tournament victory among themselves. The record winner is Djurgårdens IF , which ran from 1987 to 2000participated every year and were able to take first place six times during this time. The EV Regensburg itself won the tournament for the first time in 2011.

Other departments

EV Regensburg is also home to the ice stock sport , inline hockey and figure skating departments . Although the members are also represented here in large numbers and, for example, the European ice stock sport championship was held in Regensburg in 2005, its importance in the Regensburg sports perception is negligible.

Ice stock sport

The curlingers of EV Regensburg take part in various, mostly privately organized tournaments with different numbers of teams. In the 2007/08 season, the team took part in eight tournaments; There is no regular game operation in the conventional sense, but there is a division into leagues. In January 2009 the ice stock athletes were promoted from the regional league to the upper league. The highlight of the department was the hosting of the European ice stock sport championship in 2005.


The inline hockey department does not currently participate in regular game operations with any team. Instead, the very successful Summer Jam tournament has been held every year since 2000 , in which eight different teams from Regensburg and the surrounding area take part. The record winner is the EV Regensburg Donau Rats hosting team with four tournament victories so far.


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