Evaristo Páramos - Evaristo Páramos

Evaristo Páramos
Evaristo Páramos, 2007.jpg
Evaristo Páramos in 2007
Personal information
Birth name Evaristo Páramos Pérez
Other names Flipas
Birth As June 13 as 1960 (60 years)
Spanish flag However , Pontevedra
nationality Spanish
Mother tongue Español View and modify data on Wikidata
Professional information
Occupation Composer, singer, writer.
Years active 1979 - present
Pseudonym Flipas
Gender Punk
Instrument Voice
Record labels Shout , GOR , Damn Records
Related artists La Polla Records
The Kagas
The Meas
Member of

Páramos Evaristo Pérez ( Tuy , Pontevedra , 13 of June of 1960 ) is a singer Spanish music punk . He was the vocalist of La Polla Records , a music group active until 2003 and which resumed activity again in 2019. Along with other contemporary groups, he was part of the so-called Basque Radical Rock . Later he would be the vocalist of the band Gatillazo .


Although he was born in the Galician town of Guillarei ( Tuy , Province of Pontevedra ), he moved from a very young age to the Alava town of Salvatierra . He currently resides in the town of Oñate in Guipúzcoa .

In December 1979, together with " Sume ", "Txarly", "Maleguin" and "Fernandito" he created the group La Polla Records . The band maintained its activity until 2003 , when the group finally separated. Evaristo recorded with the group a total of thirteen studio albums .

Parallel to La Polla Records , Evaristo formed in 2002 , together with the members of RIP , the group The Kagas , with which they published their album " New rock heroes ". Two years later, in 2004 , when La Polla had already retired from the stage, Evaristo and RIP came together again under the name of The Meas , to record the album " Busciendo la vida ". These two groups were temporary experiments that did not perform more than a few concerts.

In 2002 , the Txalaparta publishing house also published his book For the children whatever , which contains a series of philosophical thoughts, stories and unclassifiable texts about the divine and the human.

After the definitive disappearance of La Polla, Evaristo did not take long to form a new band, Gatillazo , with which without having published any album, back in 2004 , they began to perform concerts. Her first self-titled album was released in 2005 , and her second, " Legal targets ", a parodic allusion to Diana de Gales or Lady Di, in 2007 .

In 2008 he released the third album with Gatillazo , called " Sex Pastels ", and making a clear reference to the British group of the seventies Sex Pistols . Three years later, in 2011 , Gatillazo publishes his fourth work, entitled " Blood and shit ."

On April 2, 2013, Gatillazo released his fifth album with the title " Siglo XXI ".

On November 17, 2014, Evaristo publishes his second book entitled Four seasons towards madness through the Desacorde Ediciones publishing house.

He himself is recognized as Galician-Basque, and is a recognized supporter of Celta de Vigo, having worn the club's shirt to many of its concerts, he is even a member of the Peña Celtista de Éibar , the Eibarzale.

In his songs he makes very strong criticisms of fascism , capitalism , nationalism , authoritarianism and Catholicism .

In 2018 his last book to date is published: How hard is the artist's life .

On May 26, 2018, after performing at a festival in Jerez de la Frontera , he was identified by the Civil Guard in order to denounce him for allegedly insulting the police. The police action was followed on social networks. The president of Podemos , Pablo Iglesias , commented that what happened "speaks of the putrefaction of our democracy." [ 1 ]


Evaristo with La Polla Records.

La Polla Records (1979–2003, 2019-present)

Evaristo with Gatillazo in 2009.

The Kagas

The Meas

Gatillazo (2004 – present)

Published books



  • La Polla Records - Vamos Entrando , 2004, Viña Rock Festival 2003. Villarrobledo, Albacete.
  • Gatillazo - DVD Sex Pastels - 2008
  • I don't accept - Documentary about punk from the 80s in Spain.


  • A Palo Seko "Alejandro Fans" (If you don't like what we do, 2005)
  • Get Out of Here "Executive Branch"
  • Bad F-Line "680x0" (Catalan version) (Silver Gray, 2014)
  • Bad F-Line "Fotogram@313" (Gris Plata, 2014)
  • Bad F-Line "Ramallah" (Gris Plata, 2014)
  • Banda Bassotti "Ellos dicen mierda" (We are guerrillas, 2012)
  • Boikot "Happy money" (Cría cuervos, 1995)
  • Boikot "Yo te lolailo" ( Back to the world , 2002)
  • Bomba Lapa "It's you" (And we keep laughing ..., 2008)
  • Danteska Bacanal "Nobody like you" (It's as easy as it is complicated, 2013)
  • Dissidence "Come and see" (Poetic Anthology, 2008)
  • Dissidence "I prefer to walk" (Welcome to the West, 2002)
  • Disturbance "Welcome marketing" (Very toxic, 2008)
  • Dixebra "Tell me how you are" ( Raise the tide , 2002)
  • The Last Ke Zierre "Children of the very big bitch" (Insurgente, 2005)
  • Hops Extract "Rockanrol" (Water for fish, 2009)
  • Gose "Eutsi" (BSO "Eutsi!", 2007)
  • Gose, "ran a Hand" (Gose 2, 2008)
  • Hungry "Where When" (Hungry, 2005)
  • Gose "Renato" (Gose, 2005)
  • Habeas Corpus "Basta ya" (Rarities, 2009)
  • Sons of Itziar "Everything is ETA" (Revolta, 2014)
  • New Plague "Urbi et orbi" (Beware the Devil's Law, 2001)
  • Kaos Etiliko "Paloman" (No hay agua, 1998)
  • Kaotiko "In the Brass Quarter" (Kaotiko World, 2001)
  • Kaotiko "Paranoia" (Raska y pierde, 2003)
  • Kaotiko "I love people" (Raska and loses, 2003)
  • Kaotiko "Oh Caroline!!" (Adrenalina, 2008)
  • Katapunk "With us nunka will be able" (Zona Kontaminada, 2008)
  • Los Chikos del Maíz "Whores and maricones" (The tobacconist of Saigón, 2014)
  • Los Tronchos "Another day more" (Unstoppable, 2013)
  • DCM "I'll Vomit" (Stainless, 1997)
  • Mal Pasar "4 Sudakas" (The conquest of bread, 2012)
  • Manolo Kabezabolo "Resin, water and garlic" ( Resin, water and garlic , 1999)
  • "Thousand carats" tide ( The sidewalks are full of lice , 2007)
  • Matando Gratix "La casa blanca" (Likantropia, 2002)
  • Negu Gorriak "Outside the Mtv antenna" ( Salam, Agur , 1996)
  • It does not serve "ACAB" (El Rodilla del Kaos, 2011)
  • Pernada "Piel" (Paraíso d.c., 2003)
  • Pin Pan Pun Band "Together" (Second Volume, 2003)
  • Platero y Tú "Juliette (with Robe Iniesta )" ( There is little rock & roll , 1994)
  • Poncho K "Lies of salt" ( Cantes valientes , 2007)
  • Porretas "If the priests ate Chinese from the river" ( 20 y serenos , 2011)
  • Radioplebe "Tanto bio, bio tanto" (Estrellados del Rock, 2012)
  • Rat-Zinger "You will be our God" (Rock'n'roll for sons of bitches, 2014)
  • Reincidentes "Camela 3" (Algazara, 1998)
  • Rockaina "The video killed the radio star" (On air, 2010)
  • Rockaina "Another day more" (On the air, 2010)
  • Sigismund Toxicomaniac "For you" (Escape !, 2004)
  • Sikotiko "Viejo continents" (Sikotiko, 2003)
  • Silikonay "Kiero forget" (Piztu sua, 2007)
  • "Pio Pio" Withdrawal Syndrome (No to the new world order, 2005)
  • Skacha "The times are here" (A ferro e lume, 2006)
  • Skalo "Come" (What would you do ?, 2010)
  • The Gambas "Fable of globality" (Alegría social, 2009)
  • Last Kings "Hey Pig" (Perversely Simple, 2011)
  • Last Kings "The most bastard" (La rabia del no !, 2014)
  • Vuelko "Rotten world" (Vuelko, 2010)
  • Xaiko's "World of Nations" (Therapy, 2014)
  • Xolda "Matxakada" (Reviewing some chord, 2002)
  • Zirrosis " Role Models" (Things that don't drag the wind, 2001)
  • Zirrosis "Preciosa" (Kaña to those who want to step on us, 1999)
  • Preacher JJ Bolton & The Gospelpunk Choir "Throw Them All Out" (Throw Them All Out, 2017)
  • Evaristo Páramos & Paco Loco "Real Good Time Together" (Mila Esker A Tribute To Lou Reed, 2014)


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