Ferrari 330P2 - Ferrari 330P2

Ferrari 330P2; at the wheel of John Surtees on his victorious drive in the 1000 km race at the Nürburgring in 1965

The Ferrari 330P2 was a racing car that Scuderia Ferrari used in sports car races in 1965.


In many publications the 330P2 is equated with the Ferrari 275P2 , but this is likely to be wrong. Because in all results lists of the international sports car races, the types are separated because they differ significantly in terms of engine power and displacement of the 12-cylinder engines.

Development history and technology

The 330P2 no longer had a classic tubular space frame. As from 1963 with the Ferrari Formula 1 - seater practiced race car, a self-supporting body made of riveted was aluminum sheets developed. These were made by Carrozzeria Fantuzzi . The rear suspension was taken from the Formula 1 Ferrari 158 . In contrast to the predecessor model 330 , the 330P2 had wider rims and tubeless Dunlop racing tires. The power was transmitted via a newly developed 5-speed gearbox.

The 330P2 received a new V12 engine with four overhead camshafts. The engine had six twin Weber carburetors and two spark plugs per cylinder. While the displacement of the 275P2 was 3.3 liters, this type had the 4-liter variant or 3969 cm³ (bore 77, stroke 71 mm). The engine output was given as 410 hp at 8200 rpm (according to another source, 420 hp at 8000 rpm). The car weighed about 785 kg dry, the wheelbase was 2400 mm.

Racing history

The 330P2 made its racing debut in the sports car world championship in 1965 . Chassis 0838 was entered for John Surtees and Pedro Rodríguez at the first race of the year, the 2000 km race in Daytona . In practice, Surtees achieved the fastest lap time with a time of 2: 00.600 minutes. The time corresponded to an average speed of 183.032 km / h. In the race, the car retired after 116 laps due to damage to the rear axle. Until the failure, the vehicle had been in the lead almost constantly. [1] A 330P2, this time chassis 0828, was also the fastest vehicle on the test day for the Le Mans 24-hour race .

In the second race, the 1000 km race in Monza , Surtees and Ludovico Scarfiotti only had to admit defeat to team-mates Mike Parkes and Jean Guichet in the sister model 275P2. [2] At the race on the Nürburing to Surtees and Scarfiotti retaliated and celebrated the first and only race victory with the 330P2 [3] .

The use at the 24 Hours of Le Mans , however, turned out to be a fiasco. Both vehicles failed. The Surtees / Scarfiotti car had a clutch damage after 225 laps and the second 330P2 rolled out with Jean Glichet at the wheel on Sunday morning with a gearbox damage. The last race for a 330P2 was in September 1965 at a CanAm race , the Player's Mont-Tremblant , which David Piper finished second behind John Surtees, who privately entered a Lola T70 . [4]


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