Ferrari 410 Superamerica - Ferrari 410 Superamerica

Ferrari 410 Superamerica (1956)
Ferrari 410 Superamerica (1956)
410 Superamerica
Production period: 1955–1959
Class : Sports car
Body versions : Coupé
Engines: Otto engine :
5.0 liters
(250 kW)
Wheelbase : 2600–2800 mm
Empty weight :
Previous model Ferrari 375 America
successor 375 America

The Ferrari 410 Superamerica is a sports car built in three series from 1955 to 1959 by the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari . The designation 410 is based on the rounded content of a single cylinder.

History of origin

From 1951, Ferrari added larger models to its range in addition to the models with the smaller V12 developed by Gioacchino Colombo , which were powered by variants of the larger V12 engine developed by engineer Aurelio Lampredi based on the Colombo V12 mainly for racing. The main structural difference between the two V12 engine families, along with other changes, was the increased cylinder spacing in the Lampredi V12 from 90 to 108 mm, which allowed larger bore dimensions.

In this model series, the 410 Superamerica, presented at the Paris Salon in October 1955, replaced the earlier 375 America . The style studies of the Ferrari Superfast series drawn and built by Pinin Farina were also based on the 410 Superamerica . The successor to the 410 Superamerica was the Ferrari 400 Superamerica .


The 4.5 liter V12 of the 375 was enlarged to 4962 cm³ for the 410 Superamerica (bore × stroke: 88 × 68 mm) and initially made 250 kW (340 hp) at 6000 rpm and with three Weber 40DCF double carburetors a compression of 8.5: 1. Otherwise, the technology of the 410 Superamerica with box frame, front double wishbones, a rear rigid axle and drum brakes all around corresponded to the other contemporary Ferrari models. The front transverse leaf spring was replaced by coil springs, the track width was widened and the shift pattern of the four-speed transmission differed from the one previously used.

The individual series

Ferrari 410 Superamerica, 1956
Ferrari 410 Superamerica with Pininfarina body (Series 3)

Serie 1

Of the 410 Superamerica, whose wheelbase was initially 2800 mm, later 2600 mm, like its predecessor, 17 units were produced in a first series in 1955/56, 14 of them with a Pinin Farina body, a Coupé and a Cabriolet by Boano and a Coupé by Ghia .

Serie 2

The second series, built in 1956/57, had the shorter wheelbase. Seven copies were dressed at Pinin Farina, one at Scaglietti.

Serie 3

The third series (1958/59), also on the short wheelbase, had some innovations on the engine and chassis (which were given new names as a result: type 126A instead of 126 and chassis type 514A instead of 514). The spark plugs moved from the inside to the outside of the engine, which enabled the shape of the combustion chambers to be optimized; this and the larger Weber 42DCF carburettors increased the output to 265 kW (360 hp). The drum brakes have also been enlarged in diameter. Twelve coupés with Pinin Farina bodies were created from the III series.


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