Ferrari 801 - Ferrari 801

Model of the Ferrari 801

The Ferrari 801 , in some publications as a Lancia-Ferrari 801 called, was the Formula 1 racing cars of the Scuderia Ferrari for the season 1957th

Development history

The Ferrari 801 was the successor to the Ferrari D50 and it wasn't. Like its predecessor, the 801 was based on the Lancia D50 . It was obvious that Vittorio Jano's concept had been exhausted; the first D50 had been developed as early as 1953. The cars were modified again; the engine now had 275 hp and the front was taken over from the 1955 Ferrari 555 Supersqualo . The front suspension has been revised and the wheelbase has been extended.

Racing history

The car was still inferior to the competition and the season turned out to be bad, sometimes tragic. Juan Manuel Fangio had already switched to Maserati at the end of 1956 and the first race in 1957 ended with a clear victory for the new Maserati 250F . Two months later, Eugenio Castellotti died on a test drive in Modena . The Spanish aristocrat Alfonso de Portago died a little later in a Ferrari sports car at the Mille Miglia . In addition, the young technician Fraschetti was killed during a test drive with the 801 in Modena.

The Frenchman Maurice Trintignant , who won the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix for the Scuderia , joined the team for Castellotti . Luigi Musso , Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn were the other three factory drivers . Despite all his driving skills, none of them could win a world championship run with the 801. For the first time since 1950 the Scuderia did not win a world championship run (only three races outside of the world championship were successfully completed with the 801). At the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring The Ferrari factory drivers had to accept a special humiliation when Fangio converted a gap of 50 seconds a few meters from the end into a victory against the two Britons Collins and Hawthorn.


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