Ferrari Dino 166 F2 - Ferrari Dino 166 F2

Derek Bell in the Ferrari Dino 166 F2 during training for the 1969 Eifel race at the Nürburgring

The Ferrari Dino 166 F2 was a Formula 2 racing car from the late 1960s.

Origin and races

The activities of Scuderia in Formula 2 remained limited. Ferrari had already built monopostos according to Formula 2 regulations, but only when the Formula 1 World Championship (partly in the 1950s) was based on Formula 2.

In 1967 the Formula 2 European Championship was introduced as a separate racing series. The Ferrari Dino 166 F2 was developed for this series. The car had a 6-cylinder engine, the basis of which was the Dino-V-6 from the road vehicle. The chassis consisted of pipes and sheet metal. The Scuderia only brought the Dino to the start of a race once in 1967. In 1968, efforts became more serious. The engine was fitted with 24 valves and the car was revised. Ernesto Brambilla and Derek Bell finished third and fourth in the championship.

The Formula 2 program expired at the end of 1969. Bell finished fifth and Brambilla eighth in the championship. However, the car was used for a short time. Andrea de Adamich drove the Argentine Temporada, a series for monoposto vehicles, at the turn of the year 1969/1970, albeit without great success. Chris Amon showed that the car was fundamentally competitive with his overall victory in the Tasman series in spring 1969.

Technical specifications

! Parameters Ferrari Dino 166 F2 [1]
Motor Ferrari V six-cylinder (65 °),
mid-engine (lengthways behind the driver)
Displacement (bore × stroke) 1596,25 cm³ (86 × 45,8 mm)
compression 11,0 : 1
High performance 200 PS (147 kW) at 10,000 / min [A 1]
Valve control 2 overhead camshafts per cylinder bank,
3 valves per cylinder
Mixture preparation Lucas indirectly
lubrication Dry sump
Power transmission 5-speed gearbox, rear-wheel drive
Chassis and body Semi monocoque and tubular steel frame
with riveted aluminum plates
Front and rear suspension double wishbones (different lengths),
internal coil springs and shock absorbers,
steering Rack and pinion steering
brake Disc brakes
wheelbase 2220 mm
Front / rear track 1405 mm/1425 mm
Length of the vehicle 3449 mm
Tire size front - rear 550/950 ×13 – 600/1200 × 13
Tank capacity 110 Liter
Empty weight (without driver) 425 kg


  1. The website, from which the dimensions are also taken, states a maximum output of 210 hp (157 kW) at 10,500 rpm.


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