Documentary Film Festival - Festival des Dokumentarfilms

Former logo of DokumentART (until 2014)
Main venue of the festival: Latücht

The Festival of Documentary Film , also known as the National Documentary Film Festival or National Documentary Film Weeks of the GDR , was a national film festival of the GDR , which took place in Neubrandenburg until 1990 . Since 1992 the event has been continued under the name " dokumentART - European Festival for Documentaries" by the Latücht Association. Since 2006 there has been a cooperation with the Szczecin OFFicyna association. Since then, the festival has been held in Neubrandenburg and Stettin every autumn asEuropean Film Festival Neubrandenburg / Szczecin organized.

Today's documentART competition shows current films with a maximum length of 60 minutes. An international jury awards several prizes, including the Latücht Prize of the Ministry of Education in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , which is endowed with € 5,000, and the City of Neubrandenburg Prize, which is endowed with € 2,000. The foundlings prize is awarded.

DocumentART sees itself as a canvas for films that deal with changes in reality and explore or exceed the boundaries of the genre in the field of tension between tradition and avant-garde. It is intended to offer a platform to young, as yet less established filmmakers in particular.