Toadstool tomato - Fliegenpilztomate

Toadstool tomatoes

A toadstool tomato is a cold dish made from tomato with a filling and mayonnaise , which is mainly used as a decorative component of cold platters or buffets .

For preparation, a mostly smaller tomato or a cherry tomato is cut across; the larger upper part (with the stem attachment) is carefully hollowed out, seasoned on the inside with salt and pepper and then served with a mostly spicy salad such as B. stuffed meat salad . The tomato halves are placed on a plate or the like with the filling side up. set down, often on a bed of lettuce leaves or bunches of parsley. Then the lower part of the tomato (without the stem), possibly with a little mayonnaise to "fix", is put on as a lid and finally garnished with some mayonnaise swabs, so that the dish is clearly reminiscent of a fly agaric .

A comparable dish are toadstool eggs .

Serving cold platters with toadstool tomatoes became fashionable in the 1950s. Just like toadstool eggs, cheese skewers with grapes, pork and cheese urchins or ham rolls and bags , they were part of the standard repertoire of cold buffets until the 1970s, especially in private households.