Flipy - Flipy

Personal information
Birth name Enrique Perez Vergara View and modify data on Wikidata
Other names Flipy
Birth 1975
nationality Spanish
Professional information
Occupation Executive Producer
Dubbing Actor
Director Contents
Pseudonym Flipy

Flipy ( Madrid , 1975 , is a Spanish producer of various film and television programs , as well as a comedian and screenwriter .

Career path

Flipy has been linked to the Spanish audiovisual industry since the beginning of his professional life, both as a screenwriter and comedian and as a producer of numerous television projects. His first appearances in front of the cameras took place on Paramount Comedy as a comedian, becoming recognized by the channel as Best Comedian of 2001 by its viewers. After this, he traveled to the United States , where he performed at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York . He also traveled to Argentina , appearing on the Marcello Tinelli-directed program " Showmatch ."

In Spain , Flipy has been the creator of the character Johnny Di Parla in the program "Showmatch" ( Antena 3 ) and has worked as a collaborator of the program "La Gran Evasión" ( ETB ) where he wrote and performed "El Informativo Fantástico".

As an actor, he has participated in the series " Paco y Veva " ( TVE ) and has also been a dubbing actor in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, where he voiced its protagonist, Flint, and in Toy Story 3, in which he lends his voice to the Lord. Scrap.

He has also collaborated with El Gran Wyoming on La Azotea de Wyoming (TVE) and with Pepe Navarro on Rufus y Navarro (TVE).

From 2006 to 2010 he wrote and played the character of The Mad Scientist of the TV show of Pablo Motos in the anthill ( Four ).

In the summer of 2010 , he made the leap to the cinema through " Camp Flipy ", a comedy in which he is an executive producer and also plays the protagonist of the story alongside actors such as Pablo Carbonell , Pedro Reyes , Rosario Pardo , Eloi Yebra or the members of " Muchachada Nui " Carlos Areces , Ernesto Sevilla or Raúl Cimas .

In 2012, together with Rafa Parbus and David Troncoso, he created the audiovisual production company 100 Balas, of which he is currently the Director of Content.

In 2015 he participated as creator of the series " Olmos y Robles " broadcast on La 1 de TVE.

In 2017 he is executive producer of Fit Life (Fox Life) and eSports Generation.

Currently, he is immersed in the creation of a video game for PlayStation in Virtual Reality: Flipy's Tesla! Let's invent the future.


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