Flohkiste - Flohkiste


description Journal for elementary school students
Verlag Domino Verlag Günther Brinek GmbH
First edition 1876 ​​as youthfulness
Frequency of publication biweekly
Editor-in-chief Günther Brinek
editor Bavarian Teachers' Association eV

The Flea Box was the oldest youth magazine in the world. It was founded in 1876 under the title Jugendlust . Due to declining subscriber numbers, the publisher discontinued the magazine on December 31, 2018. [1] The reason for this was the sharp decline in subscriber numbers. [2]

It was written for primary school children in the first and second grades, contains factual, easily understandable topics and does not contain any advertising. The flea box was published every two weeks by Domino Verlag . The educational editorship consisted of teachers and school principals from a total of twelve federal states. The flea box was recommended by the Reading Foundation and has been approved by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture for bulk ordering at schools.

There was a similar magazine for third-grade teenagers who fled! , which appeared again in a separate edition for students from the fifth grade and was also discontinued in 2018.

Individual evidence

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