August Flower - Flor de Agosto

August Flower
Flor de Agosto located in Peru
August Flower
August Flower
Location of Flor de Agosto in Peru
Flor de Agosto located in the Department of Loreto
August Flower
August Flower
Location of Flor de Agosto in Loreto
Coordinates 2°19′32″S 73°07′27″O / -2.3256301, -73.1240561Coordenadas: 2°19′32″S 73°07′27″O / -2.3256301, -73.1240561
Entity Location
Country Peru flag Peru
Department Loreto
Province Putumayo
District Putumayo
• Total 414 have.

Flor de Agosto is a Peruvian town located on the banks of the Putumayo River , in the province of the same name , in the district of the same name , in the Peruvian department of Loreto .


It limits to the north with the Republic of Colombia , to the west with San Vicente de los Lagos , to the east with San Antonio del Estrecho and to the south with the Puerto Arica-Flor de Agosto highway .


It was founded by the indigenous people of the place, after being converted to Christianity by the Franciscans . For a long time it lacked relevance, reducing itself to being another populated center of Peru , without the presence of the State. When, after the signing of the Salomón-Lozano treaty , Peru ceded the territory located between the Putumayo and Caquetá rivers, it became a border area, establishing police stations and a health center.

The city was important during the Colombian-Peruvian war , serving as a base during the Güepí battle , sending soldiers down the Putumayo River . There, some Peruvian citizens who refused to change their nationality settled, coming from Puerto Arica , Tarapacá , Puerto Alegría , Puerto Espejo (today Puerto Nariño ) and Leticia (now belonging to Colombia ); as well as Peruvian citizens from the cities of Iquitos , Caballococha and Pucallpa , sent by the central government after the war.

Communication channels

Flor de Agosto can be reached via the Putumayo River and the Puerto Arica-Flor de Agosto highway , which lasts 49 minutes in motorized vehicles. Through this road, the town of Flor de Agosto also has access to the Napo River , which leads to the city of Iquitos .


Flor de Agosto has the initial and primary levels.


It has a high percentage of Catholics .

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