Florencio Alfaro Zabalegui - Florencio Alfaro Zabalegui

Florencio Alfaro Zabalegui ( Tafalla , November of December of 1882 - San Sebastián , 23 of August of 1936 ), politician Spanish by Izquierda Republicana and Councilman by Pamplona , was one of the victims of the Civil War in Navarre at the beginning of it.


He came from a family on the left . He married Mónica Inés González, on June 9, 1906, with whom he had 7 children.

He lived in Pamplona, ​​where he was the owner of a shoe company and later a representative of several well-known companies such as Chocolates Elgorriaga and Sidras el Gaitero. He was a councilor for the Democratic Union from 1911 until January 1, 1916.

Political career

In 1915 he was President of the Eslava Casino and, somewhat later, a member of the Board of Directors of the Official College of Commercial Agents of Navarra.

On June 1, 1930, he joined the National Secular League . He obtained the act of councilor again, in the elections in which the Second Republic was proclaimed on May 31, 1931, presiding over the formation of the Pamplona city council.

He chaired the Finance Commission and the Governing Board of the Pamplona Municipal Savings Bank.

He was a member of the Hygiene and Charity Commission from where he carried out measures on public hygiene and health as well as job search for the unemployed.

A supporter of the Estella Statute for the four provinces, he changed parties when in a controversial assembly Navarra was unmarked from this Statute. He withdrew from the Republican Radical Socialist Party and became part of the Republican Left and the Navarra Autonomous Action that sought to resume previous results.

During the Civil War

After the start of the Civil War , he was arrested and released after efforts by a friend. However, he was aware of his possible death and wrote his " Political Testament and Confession "

He went to San Sebastián to visit his mother who was dying. He disappeared on August 21 and was reportedly thrown onto the breakwater.


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