Florentine to Salm-Salm - Florentin zu Salm-Salm

Florentin 4th Prince of Salm-Salm
Anholt moated castle

Wilhelm Florentin Ludwig Karl Prince of Salm-Salm (* March 17, 1786 Senones ; † August 2, 1846 at Anholt Castle near Isselburg ) was the 4th Prince of Salm-Salm and lord of the Anholt moated castle.

Florentin was the only son of Prince Konstantin Alexander Joseph zu Salm-Salm (1762-1828), lord of Anholt Castle, from his marriage to Princess Victoria Felicitas zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rochefort . He married on July 21, 1810 Castle Napoleonshöhe (now Wilhelmshöhe Palace ) in Kassel Flaminia di Rossi (born July 21, 1795 in Ajaccio , † December 20, 1840 in Anholt), [1] the daughter of the Corsican nobleman Nicolo di Rossi and Angela Maria Baciocchi from Italian nobility, a sister of Prince Félix Baciocchi , [2] which Napoleon's sister Elisa had married.

Florentin was in the service of King Jérôme von Westphalen as a colonel and adjutant . [3] In this role, Florentin was also at the violent suppression of unrest in neighboring Grand Duchy of Berg involved.

As part of the reorganization of Europe by the Congress of Vienna , the territory of the Principality of Salm , which was sovereign until 1810, was added to the Kingdom of Prussia , but the princely title that Florentin took over after the death of his father in 1828, and the rule of Anholt as the residence of the family were retained.

After Belgium had declared independence from the Netherlands on October 4, 1830 , Prince Florentin announced his entitlement to royal dignity due to old family ties in the Duchy of Hoogstraeten [4] , which was then awarded to Prince Leopold of Saxony-Coburg , who when Leopold I ascended the newly created Belgian throne .

Florentin zu Salm-Salm was the bearer of the Order of the Westphalian Crown and the Order of Hubert .


With his wife Flaminia he had three sons:

  • Alfred Konstantin (born December 26, 1814, † October 5, 1886), succeeded as the fifth prince as head of the house
  • Emil (April 6, 1820 - June 27, 1858), married Agnes von Ising in 1851 (July 3, 1822 - February 26, 1887)
  • Felix (1828–1870) became an officer first in Prussia, then in Austria, then in the northern states, then in Mexico adjutant to Emperor Maximilian, after his overthrow and execution he was again a Prussian officer and died in the battle of Gravelotte , together with Florentin Salm-Salm (1852–1870), the son of Emil

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