Flowers and fruit - Flores y fruta

Flowers and fruit
Paul Cézanne - Flowers and Fruits (Orangerie) .jpg
Year c. 1880

Flowers and Fruit ( Fleurs et fruits ) is a35 x 21 cm oil on canvas painted by Paul Cézanne around 1880 and deposited in the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris . [ 1 ]

Historical and artistic context

This painting has a curious and, at the same time, mysterious history: it was part of another painting that was left unfinished. [ 2 ] The original painting was divided into two parts by an art dealer between 1904 and 1914 , and Paul Guillaume bought the half called Flowers and Fruit from French gallery owner Ambroise Vollard in 1931 . [ 2 ] Many years after the death of Paul Guillaume, his widow Domenica, who liked Cézanne's painting, bought this oil without knowing that it was the other half of Flowers inside a blue vase (also currently preserved in theMuseum of the Orangerie de Paris). It was the conservative Michel Hoog who finally managed to reconstruct the history of these two canvases in 1992 . [ 2 ]

Rewald places this work around 1880 , [ 3 ] but the succinct modeling of the fruits, encircled by a slight outline, could suggest a later date or, at least, indicate that the painting was taken up later. [ 1 ]


This still life is a painting of the highest quality and very close to Flowers in a blue vase : the same vase, the same flowers, the same simplicity in the composition. [ 1 ] The scene is simple, but very thoughtful: the fruit is distributed according to its size and the color range goes from orange to blue . [ 2 ] Here, again, the background was left unfinished. [ 1 ]


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