Floria Bloise - Floria Bloise

Floria Bloise
Personal information
Birth Of February 27 of 1929
barrio Villa Luro , [ 1 ]
City of Buenos Aires ,
Argentina Argentina's flag[2]
Death Of 2 August of 2012 (83 years old)
Buenos Aires ,
Argentina Argentina's flag
Cause of death Cancer View and modify data on Wikidata
nationality Argentina
Professional information
Occupation actress , engineer , teacher
Art Awards
Others awards Podestá Award for honorable career (2009)

Floria Bloise ( Buenos Aires , [ 2 ] 27 of February of 1929 - ibidem , 2 of August of 2012 ) was an actress Argentina of numerous films and television series . [ 1 ]


Floria Bloise graduated from agricultural engineering . During the first decades of his life he worked in the commercial, administrative, educational and communicational fields. [ 3 ]

At 50 years of age, he entered the School of Dramatic Art directed by Carlos Gandolfo . Since 1979 she was affiliated with the Actors Association. [ 3 ]

Floria Bloise was characterized by her professionalism and ductility in the roles she played for film , theater and television throughout her long career from a nun and a sweet grandmother to a gossiping neighbor.


His career began in 1959 with the film From the Apennines to the Andes with Eleonora Rossi Drago , Marco Paoletti and Fausto Tozzi. [ 4 ]

He resumed after a time away from the big screen with Fridays of Eternity (1981), with Thelma Biral , Susana Campos and Héctor Alterio and with Open Day and Night (1981), with Tincho Zabala , Nelly Beltrán and Juan Carlos Calabró .

In 1985, she played the role of a grandmother from Plaza de Mayo in La historia oficial - directed by Luis Puenzo , and starring Norma Aleandro and Héctor Alterio -, a film that won the Oscar award for best foreign film.

In 1987 he acted in Chorros , by Jorge Coscia , along with Víctor Laplace , Javier Portales , Norberto Díaz , Marita Ballesteros and Hugo Arana .

In 1989 she played the role of "Doña Patricia" in Secret Wedding .

In 1990 he starred in the drama Although it is a small film with Gerardo Baamonde and María José Gabín.

In 1991 he made Vivir mata with Juan Leyrado , Cecilia Roth and Soledad Villamil .

In 1993 he collaborated on a short film called Solo en un Cuarto .

In 1996 he worked in the comedy-dramatic film Buenos Aires viceversa as "Doña Amalia" with Vera Fogwill , Nicolás Pauls , Fernán Mirás and Mirta Busnelli .

In 1998 he was in Bandaged and Cold .

In 2001 he participated in the romantic film I'll kiss you tomorrow as "Matilde", with Juan Palomino , Silvina Bosco and Alberto Fernández de Rosa , among others.

In 2003 she acted in Clic (as a preacher).

In 2004 he was in three more films: El 48 , as "Hilda"; Captive (in the role of Mother Superior), with Bárbara Lombardo , Susana Campos and Hugo Arana ; and Conversations with Mom , like "Lucrecia." [ 4 ]

In 2004 he was in the comedy La demolición with Marcelo Alfaro and Mimi Ardú .

In 2007 he returned with La Loma ... not everything is what it seems , Alternative Therapies , in the role of «Anita», alongside Manuel Callau and Graciela Stefani and in Aniceto directed by Leonardo Favio . [ 4 ]

After No look down (by Eliseo Subiela ) and Villa (by Ezio Massa ), Floria Bloise filmed her latest film, the Italian comedy Scusate il disturbo , alongside Hugo Arana and Norman Briski . [ 5 ]


His appearance on television took place in 1983 with the telenovela Llévame with you , in the company of Pablo Alarcón , Cristina Alberó , Alicia Zanca and Lydia Lamaison .

In 1987 he acted in the romantic telenovela Grecia , with Grecia Colmenares and Gustavo Bermúdez ; and in 1988 he was part of the cast of La bonita página .

He participated in several episodes of the 1990 telenovela Atreverse , starring Selva Alemán , Luisina Brando , Cecilia Dopazo , Juan Leyrado and Jorge Marrale . A year later, she played "Floria Cardone" in El arbol azul , with Mónica Gonzaga , Antonio Caride and Carlos Muñoz . In 1991 she participated in an episode on Celeste as «Dra. Lucy".

One of his most memorable characters is "Caridad", a role he played in the 1992 comedy Son de ten , starring Florencia Peña , Federico Olivera , Silvia Montanari , Javier Portales and Claudio García Satur . In that same year he also played the role of "Enriqueta" in Unforgettable . In turn, that same year he was in the unit Kick the board .

In 1996 he was in Roller Coaster, another round with Juan Gil Navarro and Denise Dumas ; in Like hot bread with Mirta Busnelli , María Valenzuela and Marita Ballesteros ; and in De poeta y de loco with Oscar Martínez and Soledad Villamil .

She returned in 1997 with the role of "Ema" in the telenovela De corazón with Ana María Picchio , Arturo Bonín and Víctor Laplace . In 1999 he acted in the unit El hombre and in the telenovela Mamitas with Andrea Bonelli , Cecilia Dopazo and Ana María Picchio .

In 2000 she played the role of "Beatriz" in Primicias and "Jacinta" in Los Médicos de hoy . The following year came PH , a romantic telenovela with Gimena Accardi , Cristina Alberó and Katja Alemann .

In 2002 he acted in the youth soap opera Rebelde Way .

In 2005 she played a neighbor in the chapter of the unitary Women assassins entitled " Norah, amigo ", with Romina Gaetani , Carla Peterson and Federico Olivera . In 2006 she returned to act in an episode of the second season of the series, " Ramona, justiciera ", in the role of a grandmother with Celeste Cid and Patricio Contreras .

Also in 2006 she participated in some chapters of the telenovela Montecristo , transmitted by Telefe: she played one of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, at whose headquarters several scenes of the reunion of Laura (Paola Krum) and Victoria (Viviana Saccone) were recorded.

Her last appearance on television was in 2007 in a chapter of the unitary Television for Identity , in the role of Estela de Carlotto (the leader of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo ), [ 3 ] along with Mariano Torre , Leonora Balcarce and Carlos Belloso , and in the series Cuentos de Fontanarrosa .


In the eighties he made the play Saltimbanquis , at the Alvear Theater . In 1983 he made Blues de la Calle Balcarce , by Sergio de Cecco , directed by Villanueva Cosse .

In August 2004 he worked on the play Brutta miseria , at the Club del Bufón, directed by Alfredo Zemma . He produced Tangos and Centeya , a varieté that he presented at the Ideal Confiteria. [ 1 ]

His last theatrical work was developed in the play Filomena Marturano , which was presented during a summer season in Villa Carlos Paz ( Córdoba province ), with a cast made up of Hugo Arana , Virginia Lago and Walter Balzarini .


In 2009, the Argentine Association of Actors presented him with the Podestá award for honorable career.


Floria Bloise died on August 2, 2012 due to cancer [ 6 ] at the age of 83 at the La Providencia clinic (in Buenos Aires).

His remains rest in the Pantheon of Actors of the La Chacarita Cemetery. [ 2 ]


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